Orthopaedic Innovation

Coirfit Active Bond collection is the most popular range of mattress solution today with Coirfit being one of the first one’s in late 90’s to develop this durable material. These mattresses are packed with Rebo TechTM Advantage. Our high density rebounded foam is a very heavy foam with excellent impact absorbing qualities, These are manufactures using SRTX Technology to ensure great sleeping pleasure providing the best best contour support.

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A unique science of compressed granular construction of the active bond material that enhances firmness and strength for added support, long lasting comfort and durability. It also allows fast air circulation and ventilation, thus keeping the body cool and comfortable. Designed to wick away excess heat, these mattresses balance your personal micro climate and keep you thermo-neutral. The mattresses absorb heat and release it when you need it the most With all season feature, you get a constant comfort zone for your body.

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Ergonomic Design Sense

The exclusive body balance ergonomic design of the Active Bond collection mattresses’s adjusts the hardness and softness, there by making the right weight balance and creating a dip free surface for perfect sleep. With these mattresses, you can sleep in your favourite sleeping position, without worrying about having sore necks or pain points. The breakthrough concept of an ergonomic mattress eliminates the unnecessary issues caused by a conventional mattress.

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The unique treatment of this collection inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus, keeping the mattress sanitised and fresh. An added benefit for asthma patients and individuals who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems. If you are seeking a mattress that is hypoallergenic, these mattresses are the right choice. With these mattresses you can be sure of safeguarding your skin from absorbing chemicals. Commit to healthy sleep by prioritising your well-being with Coirfit Active Bondcare

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Active Bond Collection

Granular bonded construction that

ensures comfortable sleep.

Best of sleep science and luxury.

Sleeping pleasure with best body

contour support.

Economical mattress essential

for firm support.

Comfort, elegance and durability

at affordable price.