Fast Time In India

First time in India

Tirelessly engineered using advanced technology, the collection transcendentals the age old technologies of the mattress brands in India.

I-contour Tech

i-Contour Tech

Coirfit’s each hybrid mattress has been designed to align your spine for a deep and restorative sleep. It’s unique working agoithm bids adieu to the detriments of traditional mattress technologies.

ergonomic alignment

i-Intelligent Science

Coirfit’s i-HYBRID mattress range brings together the intuitive process of intelligent science to craft a mattress that adapts to your body shape with it’s specialised contour core.

I-Hybrid Mattress

Clima Adapt Fabrics

A coalscence of unparalleled comfort, exemplary pressure relieving features and an exorbitant visage. Styled with Turkish beading and fabrics, temperature regulation is a unique feature of the fabrics used in these mattresses.

i-Hybrid Collection

Summer mattress

Groundbreaking COOL GEL mattress

with 7 zone sleep system configuration.

Coirfit ivisco mattress

Unprecedented 3 Zone Contour

Memory Foam technology.

Coirfit idual mattress

Contour HR Foam meets Pneumatic

Memory to deliver unrivalled comfort.

Coirfit ilatex mattress

Derived from nature’s lap and powered

with i-Contour Nucleus.

Luxury Mattress in India

Unique combination where 7 Zone

foam marries luxurious comfort.

Coirfit I-Life Mattress

Innovative Comfort Cubes based sleeping

system with i-Shape Contour.


Coirfit has done an extensive research in body mapping and designing mattresses that reduce stress and pressure points. Bringing these revolutionary technologies to India for the first time, Coirfit’s present it’s hybrid mattress range to you. Coirfit’s I-HYBRID mattress range has been crafted to deliver the luxury you deserve.