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i-Cool Gel Visco Mattress

Heat-Resistant Cooling Foam & Fabric That Keeps You Cool Even If Things Heat Up.

Summer mattress

Sleep Upto 5° Cooler-india's Best Cool Gel Mattress

Say goodbye to restless sweaty nights and hello to uninterrupted sleep. Introducing the i-Cool Gel Visco Mattress, the ultimate solution for a refreshing and restful sleep experience. Our innovative i-COOLGEL technology creates a sleep surface that is sensitive to body heat, providing a cooling effect throughout the night. Crafted with temperature-sense cool gel, this mattress adapts to the natural contours of your body, ensuring optimal comfort and support while keeping you cool during warm summer nights.

The i-Cool Gel Mattress is not only designed for maximum comfort but also prioritizes environmental friendliness, free from any toxic substances that may harm your skin or body.

With the inclusion of i-Contour tech, a cutting-edge NASA-approved technology, this mattress combines the benefits of memory foam and spring mattresses, eliminating their inherent flaws. Additionally, the revolutionary 7 firmness zones ensure that each part of your body receives individualized support. The softer shoulder zone and firmer middle zone work in tandem to keep your spine in its natural position, promoting healthy and uninterrupted sleep.

It’s undeniable that the i-Cool Gel Mattress is the best mattress for summer, providing a cool and supportive sleep surface that is unrivaled. Whether you’re seeking a cool gel mattress, a cool mattress, or a cool gel foam mattress, this product exceeds expectations, offering the ideal solution for hot summer nights. With its premium materials and innovative design, this mattress is a luxurious addition to any bedroom. Invest in the i-Cool Gel Visco Mattress and prioritise your comfort and well-being, experiencing luxurious, cool, and soothing sleep throughout the night.

Immerse yourself in a world of cool comfort and rejuvenating sleep with CoirFit’s I-Cool Gel Visco Mattress


33,745 121,465
30,371 109,319

5 Zone Sleeping System

7 Zone Sleep System

Proffers required support to each body part depending upon it’s weight.

Cool Tech Fabric Cover

i-Cool Upholstery

European Clima Adapt Cover with Dynamic temperature regulation for all seasons comfort.

Spring Action

i-Spring Action

Metal free Mattress with springy bounce.

Shape Contouring

i-Shape Contour

An intelligent science that relieves body stress with convulated pressure relievers. 

Cool Gel Visco Memory Foam

i-Cool Visco Gel

Intelligent temperature sense memory foam that adapt to your natural shape and keeps you cool all night long.

Essential comfort

Essential Innovation

Based on two sleep elements-Comfort and Support.

Calming Comfort
Refreshing zing that hits you the moment you hit the bed on a hot night.
Cooling Fabric
Soft Knit fabric designed to keep you cool. Perfect for those who are not a fan of sweaty mornings.
Comfort Core
The contour core of the mattress supports your hips and shoulders, helping to maintain your spine's natural alignment.
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Construction & Outer Material

Cool Gel Infused Visco Elastic Memory Foam +Precision 7 Zone Contoured High Resilience (HR) Foam

The European Upholstery combined with clima adapt cool-tech fabric cover, rich suede fabric and Turkish accessories complete the look of this mattress.

Special Features

  • 7 Zone Sleeping System
  • All Side Quilted Mattress
  • Cool Gel Mattress Topper
  • Memory Foam Quilt

Shipping Info

Our goal is to deliver your mattress as quickly as possible. Delivery typically takes between 7 – 12 days depending on your location. 

Shipping Cost

Free shipping throughout India.


Coirfit products have been tested and certified complaint with the demanding standards of five leading certification programs-Dakks, ISI, ISO, ISPF and IAF. The highest standard possible, guaranteeing that the foam is safe for babies and children.


11 Years Warranty

Comfort Level

Medium Soft


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i-Cool Gel Visco Mattress
33,745 121,46530,371 109,319


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