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Progressive Technology

Progressive Technology

i-Ortho Collection is a transcendental blend of support and comfort with technical excellence. These are advanced mattresses to suit your intelligent needs. The mattress adjusts according to the non uniform weight distribution of the human body. Each of these mattresses will enhance your sleep with it’s scientifically developed sleep solutions helping you create a sleep sanctuary in your home and making your sleep time a blissful experience. And this restored or rather improved energy balance enables you to wake up feeling re-vitalised and relaxed.

advantage. The collection has been designed to align your spine for a deep and restorative sleep. Tirelessly engineered using advanced technology, the collection transcendentals the age-old
technologies of the mattress industry.

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Ortho Care

Ortho care

The collection features mattresses that are suitable for every spine. i-Ortho series marks the glorifying success of the brand’s therapeutic solutions in the mattress world. With it’s wings successfully spread all over India, the sleep designers at Coirfit Design Studio were determined to uproot the muddle of back pain and body discomfort for luxe sleepers. Embarking on this golden sojour, the team achieved triumph after rigorous research, observations and experimentation. i-ORTHO collection is an ode to the early adopters of great sleep and avant-garde sleep solutions.

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i-Ortho series is a harmony of wellness, ultimate comfort and best style along with complete support. The collection features our most progressive mattresses with ergonomic support and temperature regulation for the uninterrupted sleep you deserve. Unique physiology to maximise support. The superior visco elastic and plant based materials, respond to your body contours, reduce stress and fatigue by giving you an amazing night’s sleep. Unlike polyurethane foams, the materials used perform reliability and maintain it’s physical integrity over time to be soft, flexible and stable.

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Biofresh Fabrication

biofresh fabrication

The i-ORTHO collection features environmentally-Friendly fabrics for guilt free pleasure and airy layers to keep you well rested. It is crafted for people who see the value in investing in their sleep. Each mattress has intricately detailed design for unique performance characteristics. It showcases an all-new breed of mattresses, using the right combination of innovation + luxury. Along with this, it is powered with long hours of freshness and good health with it’s advanced coma adapt features and fabrics. 

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iOrtho Collection


Latex, Memory Foam & Pocket Springs

marry luxurious comfort.


Unique combination of multi pillowtop 

configuration and Gold Infused Fabric.


Wake up fresh with the

added advantages of Charcoal.


Innovative Memory Foam

system with orthopaedic advantages.


Infused with specially designed Stat Tx

Tech. for no tossing and turning.


Relax with the comfort of Massage

Therapy wellness layers.


India’s First Infrared

Mattress with Smart configuration.