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all season mattress

All Season Comfort

Designed to wick away excess heat, these orthopaedic mattresses balance your personal micro-climate and keep you thermo-neutral. With all season feature, you get a constant comfort zone for your body.

Breathable & Cool

Breathable & Cool

The special fabric and quilted advantage proffers a consistent and healthy transpiration to the sleeper’s body. This ensures fresher sleep and suitability even for sensitive bodies.

Ergonomic Support (1)

Ergonomic Support

The exclusive body balanced design that adjusts the hardness and softness as per sleep the sleep position thus impacting a dip free sleep surface. Thus, this range has the best foam mattress with comfort levels suitable for all sleepers.



With the anti-bug feature, you can say goodbye to allergies, bed pests and harmful bacteria growth. An added benefit for asthma and allergy prone patients.

Pure Puf collection

Hr Luxe

Latex, Memory Foam & Pocket Springs

marry luxurious comfort.

Pure Luxe

Innovative Memory Foam

system with orthopaedic advantages.

Pure max

Wake up fresh with the

added advantages of Charcoal.

Hr max

Relax with the comfort of Massage

Therapy wellness layers.


Unique combination of multi pillowtop 

configuration and Gold Infused Fabric.


Infused with specially designed Stat Tx

Tech. for no tossing and turning.


Unique combination of multi pillowtop 

configuration and Gold Infused Fabric.


Engineered in collaboration with sleep professionals and market research, the Pure Put collection is powered with NIVF Technology. The mattresses are free from impurities and are the perfect choice for a healthy lifestyle. Unlike other conventional mattresses, these mattresses are designed keeping in mind the your need for the best foam mattress at low price in India.