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Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed Online
100% HD Active Bond Core

Adjusts the hardness and softness thereby making the right weight balance and creating a dip free surface for perfect sleep.

Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed Online
Durable Back Support

Long durability and long lasting comfort with its ultra bond material and premium upholstery.

Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed Online
Premium Knitted Fabric

Designed to wick away excess heat, liven up your living room with this sleek and contemporary sofa design.

Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed Online
Eco Fresh Advantage

Sanitized and fresh preventing breeding of harmful dust mites and fungi which prevents respiratory problems.


Travel Bed-Foldable Mattress

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Looking for a smart foldable mattress for travel? Look no further. Presenting Coirfit’s smart foldable coir mattress that takes care of your spine 24 x 7.

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Multi-Utility Foldable Mattress.

Just imagine you are sitting with your friends gossiping and having g a gala time but you don’t have a cozy place where they can stay comfortably.  This where your Coirfit Smart Tavel bed-foldable mattress comes in. When not in use, you can simply fold it up and put it in a closet. The travel bed is easy to carry, light weight. This makes Coirfit travel bed ideal for camping trips and dorm rooms. In addition to saving space, it may be used as a cosy bed for one at night and a low sofa in the morning. 

Best Foldable Mattress Online.

Coirfit travel bed foldable mattress is a great choice for camping, playing, road trips or guests. It is made of EPE foam to fit your body and provide comfy sleep and good support. The tri-fold configuration of this travel mattress absorbs 95% of your body pressure and rest combination of high density support and transition foam which gives your body perfect support from head to toe and creates a medium-firm feel.


Absolutely not. We offer free shipping all over India.

Customised sizes are limited in a foldable mattress. However, we will try out best to offer the best servies to you. To get your customised sofa cum bed, connect with our team at [email protected].

No, it will be delivered in a pre-assembled state of a mattress. You can easily convert it into sofa or use it as it is as per your requirements.

Coirfit travel bed foldable mattress is a versatile and affordable option for anyone in need of an extra mattress for occasional use. It’s medium firmness makes it comfortable for most people, and it can easily be stored away when not in use. Whether you’re looking for a guest bed or an extra bed for yourself, this foldable travel mattress is a great choice. If you’re always on the go, it will save you a lot of time and effort when shifting between locations. When shopping for a foldable mattress online, keep in mind all the possible uses you might have for it. It could be perfect for sleepovers at your kids’ homes, late-night parties, or even as a cozy nook in your study.


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