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Buying Mattress in Mumbai? Here’s An Easy Mattress Buying Guide!

Mumbai is the city of dreams. Every person who comes to the city or living in the city has a head full of dreams that they hope would come true someday. To fulfill those dreams, everybody gets restless and do whatever they can to achieve their goals. 

Mumbai is a tough city to live in. Having your own house in Mumbai is a dream itself. But regardless of this, people are still enthusiastic about Mumbai and their life in the city. To keep up with the healthy lifestyle between their busy lives of people tend to take all the possible measures. Even after doing every possible thing to keep one healthy, people often tend to forget that they also need to improve their sleep routine. 


The research says that an adult needs at least eight hours of full sleep to function and carry out the activities of their day systematically. But, today’s lifestyle has ruined everybody’s sleep routine. Well, sleeping is also not just enough, the right position and even the right mattress counts to have a comfortable sleep. Mattress buying can be confusing as there are plenty of options available in Mumbai to buy the product from.

Here are some factors you should consider before buying a mattress:

  • Budget: This is the most primary factor that anyone should consider before buying a mattress. Look for the stores that are not too expensive and that can fit into your budget. Do not get too greedy and go for a cheap priced mattress; these cheaply priced mattresses are usually of low quality. Buying a low-quality mattress not only hampers your sleep but may also cause severe back pain. On the other hand, the highly-priced mattress does not always mean high quality.
  • Lifespan of the Mattress: Buying a mattress is not a small thing it is an important decision. So, take your time and choose your mattress wisely. Buying a mattress is a kind of investment; you expect it to turn out to be long-lasting and comfortable. It is advised to change your mattress every 7-8 years. If you use mattress longer than that, it can cause health problems. It is obvious that the mattress made of good material definitely would have a longer lifespan.
  • Firmness of the Mattress: It is often assumed that a hard mattress will provide support to the body and help in maintaining the posture. But, this is not true. Instead, sleeping on a firm mattress will not only give you sound sleep but also will give more comfort than a hard mattress. Some good quality mattresses you can choose from are innerspring, latex mattresses, memory foam, waterbeds, all polyfoam, etc.
  • Store Selection: There are plenty of stores like a furniture store, departmental store, local store, etc. that sell mattress. Always look for the store that understands your requirement and gives you the perfect mattress within your budget. Consider talking to friends and family for a recommendation to buy a mattress. You can always rely on their reviews.
  • Body Weight: We often ignore that bodyweight also important an important role in selecting mattresses. Depending on body weight and body type choose your mattress. Choose a light mattress if you weigh less than 68 kgs, choose an average mattress if you weigh 68-90 kgs, choose a heavy mattress if you weigh more than 90 kgs.

Here are some health benefits of using a good quality mattress:

  • A good quality mattress keeps you afar from back pain. Even if you do not have any complaint of back pain or joint pain it is better to take precautions and use a good quality mattress. Using a good quality mattress will ensure that your body doesn’t ache when you wake up.

  • A good quality mattress will ensure you have a sound sleep. Having a sound sleep will help you in having a productive day and a good mood.

  • If you feel, you are constantly in a bad mood, depressed, tired, etc. it is because you aren’t having a sound sleep and the major problem would be your mattress. A good quality mattress can get you out of all these issues.

There are plenty of mattress stores you can find in Mumbai. Before going to any of them, make sure you do your homework of finding the best store to buy mattress in Mumbai.

Here are a couple of Coirfit Mattress stores, so you don’t have to Google ‘Mattress stores near me’ and waste your time on looking for the best options-

1. My Choice Furnishing
Mr. Zy Shaikh
Opp. Hariom Medical Gokuldham Market Filmcity, Rd. Malad E Mumbai
Phone: 9821207402

2. Royal Decor
Mr. irfan
B-13, Om Sai Plaza, Dhanvantri Hospital
ovala, GB road, Thane West
Phone: 8655022627

3. Swastik Foam Centre
Mr. Lalit Kothari
Shop No- 3 kk Smurti, S N Mehta Road, New Maneklal State, Ghatkopar,
Phone: 9869178518, 8655022627

In case you want more Coirfit mattress store options, you can find it here-

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