Aloe Vera Spa HR Foam Mattress

Recharge with Thermamedic HR Foam and nourishing properties of Aloe Vera.

Coirfit Aloevera Spa Mattress
The mattress is a blend of natural healing and rejuvenating properties of Nature’s wonder plant, Aloe Vera with our next-generation pressure relieving foam to create the best night’s sleep imaginable. Ideal for backcare patients and sensitive body, Alovera Spa is not just pleasant to sleep on but also has a positive impact on the energy level. The unique treatment inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus keeping the mattress sanitized. Aloe Vera Spa supports and cradles your body to provide healthy spine alignment while you sleep and a healthy spine position allows your muscles to rest throughout the night and wake up refreshed in the morning.

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aloevera spa mattress

Aloe Vera Treated

Developed for the sensitive body, Aloe Vera concentration in the fabric is very nourishing for the human skin. 

all season comfort

All Seasons Comfort

Designed to wick away excess heat, the mattress balances your personal micro-climate and keeps you thermo-neutal.

aloevera spa mattress

Pressure Point Relief

Adapts to your body’s natural curves and allows your spine to stay in a neutral position.

aloevera spa mattress

Soft Relax

Dreamy mattress for luxe lovers who love to cuddle in bed.

aloevera spa mattress

No Flip Tech.

No need to toss and turn your mattress every fortnight unlike other regular mattresses,

Coirfit Health+ mattress


Enjoy healthy sleep with Coirfit’s hypoallergenic technology.

Aloe Vera Treated
Soothen up your senses and wake up fresh with the rejuvenating and medicinal properties of Aloe Vera.
Rejuvenating Properties
The luxurious outer cover Fabric is treated with Nature’s wonder plant, Aloe Vera which provides an international and rejuvenating sleep experience.
Luxurious Comfort
Exceptional support and contemporary look crafted keeping quality, durability and value in mind.
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Construction & Outer Material

Aloe Vera Treated Fabric+Memory Foam Quilt+NASA Approved Memory Foam +Bamboo Charcoal HR Foam+3 Zone Pneumatic HR Foam+Backcare Rebonded Foam+Egyption Felt+PU Foam Quilt+Aloevera Treated Fabric+Non Skid Base Fabric

Special Features

  • Rejuvenating Properties
  • Pillow Top Mattress
  • Maintains’s Skin natural balance

Shipping Info

Our goal is to deliver your mattress as quickly as possible. Delivery typically takes between 7 – 12 days depending on the delivery location.

Shipping Costs

Free shipping.


Coirfit products have been tested and certified complaint with the demanding standards of Ten leading certification programs-Dakks, ISI, ISO, ISPF, IAF and many more. The highest standard possible, guaranteeing that the foam is safe for babies and children.


11 Years Warranty


Soft Mattress


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