Active Backcare Mattress

SRTX Technology

The SRTx Technology eases muscle tension and relieves stress in body joints. It also aligns the spine to it’s natural curve with it’s reinforced centre technology. 

Active Backcare Mattress

Recommended By Doctors

Ideal for backache patients and sensitive bodies, these orthopaedic mattresses come highly recommended by doctors and orthopaedicians. 

Active Backcare Mattress


Designed to wick away excess heat, these orthopaedic mattresses balance your personal micro-climate and keep you thermo-neutral. With all season feature, you get a constant comfort zone for your body.

Active Backcare Mattress

Relaxes Muscular Stress

A unique science of compressed granular construction that enhances the firmness and strength for added support, long lasting comfort and durability. 

Active Backcare Collection

Energise with 100%

Visco Pro Memory Foam.

Recharge with Thermamedic

nourishing properties of Aloe Vera.

Refresh your spine with Bouncy

Thermamedic Pro Bonded Foam.

Relax your body muscles with

Resilient HR Foam. 

Put an end to restless nights with

Thermamedic Air.

Advance Coir Therapy for complete

spinal support.

Best back care mattress recommended 

by orthopaedic doctors.

Firm Active bond material powered with 

Rebotech technology.


Soothen up your senses with Coirfit’s Orthopaedic Active Backcare mattress collection. These orthopaedic mattress support the natural curve of your spine but at the same time make sure you sleep comfortably and peacefully.