Health ++ Rebonded Foam Mattress

Wake up smelling less like sleep and more like fresh. 

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Coirfit Health ++ is the perfect choice when it comes to luxury and spinal support. This supreme mattress spells class and can even beat the finest spring mattresses. It comes wrapped in an ultra-premium fabric. This orthopaedic mattress supports every inch of your body by perfectly adjusting to its contours. It is every doctor’s choice for a healthy back.

Starts from 11,187.00 9,508.95 - 26,623.70


  Premium  Knitted Jacquard Fabric


Soft PU Foam Quilt


HR Foam


Soft PU Foam


Bckcare Rebonded Foam


Rubberised coir


  Premium  Knitted Jacquard Fabric


Soft PU Foam Quilt

Relaxes Muscular Stress

Relaxes your back muscles and prevents them to work all night. 

Doctor Recommednded

Doctor Recommended

Eliminating all spinal problems with ameliorated bounciness and superior craftsmanship.

No Motion Transfer

Motion Isolation

Limits the motion to its origin which in turn lets you sleep undisturbed from your partner’s movement.

No Motion Transfer

Dual Comfort

Featuring two different comfort zones with one side soft and one side firm.

All Season Mattress

All Seasons Comfort

Designed to wick away excess heat, the mattress balances your personal micro-climate and keeps you thermo-neutal.

Reduced Allergens

Inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus, thus keeping the mattress sanitized.

Proper Alignment
Our foam is ideal for sleepers of any size or weight — and this is what makes it special. The more pressure you put on it, the more 
it reacts to support you.
Ideal Support
Without support, a mattress may only be comfortable for a few hours. Our support layer provides the ideal base for a full night’s sleep.
Premium Quality
We have chosen to focus on the quality of the layers instead of the number, and refuse to include extra layers you can't feel just so we can charge you more.

Construction & Outer Material

Premium Knitted Jacquard Fabric Cover +  Soft PU Foam Quilt + HR Foam + Soft PU Foam + Backcare Rebonded Foam +Rubberised Coir

Special Features

  • Correct Spinal Alignment
  • Orthopaedic Innovation
  • Both side quilted mattress

Shipping Info

Our goal is to deliver your mattress as quickly as possible. Delivery typically takes between 7 – 12 days depending on the delivery location.

Shipping Costs

Free shipping.


Coirfit products have been tested and certified complaint with the demanding standards of five leading certification programs-Dakks, ISI, ISO, ISPF and IAF. The highest standard possible, guaranteeing that the foam is safe for babies and children.


11 Years Warranty


Dual Comfort ( Soft from one side and firm from other side)


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