Active Backcare Mattress

all seasons comfort

Designed to wick away excess heat, these orthopaedic mattresses balance your personal micro-climate and keep you thermo-neutral. With all season feature, you get a constant comfort zone for your body.

Organic Mattress Advantage

organic advantage

A healthy option for those who want stiff support and bacteria free environment. Also, our rubberised coir provides breathability, therefore the air circulation and ventilation is maintained in the right manner.

Natural Fibre Edge

nature fibre edge

With Coirfit’s natural fibre edge, you can sleep in your favourite sleep position without worrying about having sore neck or pain points. The breakthrough of an these ergonomic mattress by Coirfit eliminates the unnecessary issues caused by a conventional coir mattress in India.

Ergonomic Design Sense

ergonomic design sense

The exclusive body balanced design that adjusts the hardness and softness as per sleep the sleep position thus impacting a dip free sleep surface. The natural springy quality of coir offers more support when used with the right combination of foam such as in Coirfit mattresses.

Cocopedic Collection

Exclusive body balance design with

eco fresh advantage.

Medically recommended for sound sleep.

Enjoy blissful sleep with coir

sandwich configuration.

A complete package that leads to a 

world of sweet dreams.

Warm and cool mattress that proffers a 

euphoric sleep experience.

A complete package that leads to a 

world of sweet dreams.


Coirfit Cocopedic collection brings to your traditional coir mattresses with a twist. Being pioneers in Coir mattress manufacturing, these advanced mattresses are sure to lead you to a world of sweet dreams and blissful comfort. It’s state of the art 3-way-anti-sag technology enhances durability and the high density rubberised coir offers complete firmness to your back.