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Coir has moisture reducing and ventilating ability which gives the sleeper a calming sensation and complete relaxation. The rubberised coir spring like quality and does not retain moisture. Therefore the circulation of air between the coir fibres is smooth. As a result, the foam remains dry and fluffy, thus keeping the mattress cool. With better breathability and temperature regulating properties of these mattresses, you no longer have to complain about feeling too hot or too cold as they provide the perfect temperature for a euphoric sleep experience.

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Organic Advantage

organic advantage

Made with natural fibre, these mattresses are free of any chemical application which is an added bonus for environment lovers. With anti-dust quality, a Cocopedic mattress is not just perfect for adults, but for elders and kids as well. Coir mattresses provide a healthy and rejuvenating environment and are medically recommended for sound sleep. Our cocopedic mattresses are built with layers of antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and high quality materials. With an effective ventilation system, coir mattresses allow you to sleep comfortably by absorbing the moisture in the air.

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Natural Fibre Edge

nature fibre edge

Cocopedic natural fibre collection brings to you the traditional coir mattresses with a twist. These new and improved coir mattresses are a complete package that lead you to a world of sweet dreams and blissful sleep. It’s state of the art 3-Way Anti Sag technology enhances durability while the high density rubberised coir offers extra firmness to your back. This range has well designed mattresses with different comfort levels to fulfil different body needs. A healthy option for those who want stiff support and bacteria free environment.

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Ergonomic Design Sense

ergonomic design sense

The exclusive body balanced ergonomic design of the Cocopedic collection mattresses’s adjusts the hardness and softness, there by making the right weight balance and creating a dip free surface for perfect sleep. With these mattresses, you can sleep in your favourite sleeping position, without worrying about having sore necks or pain points. The breakthrough concept of an ergonomic mattress eliminates the unnecessary issues caused by a conventional mattress.

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Cocopedic Collection

Traditional Coir mattress

with a twist.


Exclusive body balance design with

eco fresh advantage.

Medically recommended for sound sleep.

Enjoy blissful sleep with coir

sandwich configuration.

A complete package that leads to a 

world of sweet dreams.

Warm and cool mattress that proffers a 

euphoric sleep experience.

A complete package that leads to a 

world of sweet dreams.