i-Dual Pneumatic Memory Foam Mattress

Love to lay flat or like a starfish, the mattress conformsto your coziest sleep positions.

Coirfit idual mattress
iDUAL is a luxurious dual comfort mattress that offers personalized comfort zones to suit your body needs. Bringing the concept of Pneumatic memory foam or in lay man’s terms JUMPING MEMORY to India for the first time, iDUAL is the source of ultimate well being and health. It provides perfect bounce to the sleeper’s body. This mattress has been developed after lot of R&D, thus brining in the unique concept of 5 zone sleeping system in Its central core. It responds to your body contours, provides effective pressure and shear reduction to your body. The mattress has 35 vents throughout the mattress which re-enacts the property of a spring mattress and proffers maximum support to the spinal area. The i-contoured HR foam layer imparts better comfort, compliance, durability and pressure redistribution. A bottom layer of Pneumatic HR foam quilt makes this mattress highly resilient and does not form concentrated pressure points, thereby it helps in relieving stress and fatigue. With stunning and contemporary styling, iDUAL is expertly crafted to create a universal feel that appeals to all sleepers.

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5 Zone Sleeping System

5 Zone Sleep System

Proffers required support to each body part depending upon it’s weight.

Melange Cotton Yarn Fabric Cover

i-Melange Cotton

This self breathing mattress comes with sweat absorbent 100% cotton yarn cover and 3-D air ventilating mesh.

Soft and Firm Dual Comfort Mattress

i-Dual Comfort

Your intelligent mattress that offers you two levels of softness so you can swap sides easily.

Contour Nucleus

i-Contour Nucleus

Unique air flow channels with jumping duct spread across the surface of the mattress with contour core.

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i-Pneumatic Memory

Powered with the new age jumping memory that adapts to your body shape with its high resilient property.

Medium Soft Comfort

Soft Relax

Dreamy mattress for luxe lovers who love to cuddle in bed.

i-Dual Advantage
Whether you have a sore neck, lower back or other problem areas, this mattress will help alleviate stress and pressure points across your entire body.
Sleep Right
Expereince deep relaxing sleep night after night after night with revolutionary technology.
Superior Design
Expertly engineered down to the last detail, including the cover to provide ergnomic support.
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Construction & Outer Material

Pneumatic Memory Foam + 5 Zone Contoured HR Foam + Pneumatic HR Foam

With stunning and contemporary styling, iDUAL is expertly crafted to create a universal feel that appeals to all sleepers.

Special Features

  • 5 Zone Sleeping System
  • Memory Foam Quilt

Shipping Info

Our goal is to deliver your mattress as quickly as possible. Delivery typically takes between 7 – 12 days depending on your location. 

Shipping Cost

Free shipping throughout India.


Coirfit products have been tested and certified complaint with the demanding standards of five leading certification programs-Dakks, ISI, ISO, ISPF and IAF. The highest standard possible, guaranteeing that the foam is safe for babies and children.


7 Years Warranty

Comfort Level

Medium Soft


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