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Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Neck & Back Pain

Many users do not consider their mattress to be the reason for their body pain, body fatigue and other internal issues. But if the mattress is too firm, it can cause side sleepers to feel pain and discomfort, especially in two areas of the body, i.e., the hips and lower back. These stubborn pain areas can constantly intrude your sleep and fully disturb your bedtime routine when they turn habitual. Indeed when you walk and sit, your back will feel stiff and beget discomfort, leading to poor quality of life.

Choosing a comfortable mattress for back pain formulated to support your lower back can improve your sleep quality. It’ll significantly improve the health of your hips and shoulders, which is essential for maintaining neutral spine alignment and relieving pressure from these areas.

What side sleepers should look for in a mattress?

Side sleepers who are looking for the “best mattress online in India or “best mattress store near me”, there are several crucial considerations that you need to understand. Firstly, prioritize orthopedic mattresses designed to relieve pressure points, especially around the shoulders and hips, commonly experienced by side sleepers. Look for mattresses incorporating memory foam or latex layers that contour to the body’s shape, ensuring proper spinal alignment and reducing discomfort. It’s essential to select a mattress with a supportive core, such as high-density coir or natural latex, to maintain stability and prevent sagging over time. Opt for mattresses featuring breathable materials and designs to promote airflow, preventing overheating during sleep. Additionally, features like motion isolation and edge support can enhance overall comfort and stability. By carefully examining product details and mattress reviews on various mattress store websites, side sleepers can make informed decisions to find a mattress tailored to their specific needs, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Understanding the Needs of Side Sleepers

Side Sleeping is one of the most common sleep positions, preferred by a significant portion of the population. However, it can also lead to various issues such as neck and back pain if the mattress doesn’t provide adequate support and alignment. Unlike back or stomach sleepers, side sleepers put more pressure on specific points of their body, including the shoulders and hips. 

At Coirfit, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep and its impact on your overall health and well-being. That’s why we’ve developed a range of mattresses specifically designed to address the needs of side sleepers, especially those experiencing neck and back pain.

Why Should a mattress have to support your side sleeping position?

  • The Science behind Coirfit Mattresses: Our mattresses are engineered using advanced technology and premium materials to ensure optimal comfort and support. Here’s what sets Coirfit mattresses apart. Our mattresses feature zoned support systems that provide targeted support to different areas of the body, such as the shoulders and hips, ensuring proper spinal alignment and reducing pressure points.
  • Targeted Support: Coirfit Mattress offers mattresses designed to provide targeted support for side sleepers. Their mattresses feature innovative designs with zoning technology, ensuring proper support for the neck, shoulders, and hips while maintaining alignment with the spine. This targeted support helps alleviate pressure points and reduces the risk of waking up with stiffness or pain.
  • Breathable Construction: Side sleepers may benefit from a mattress with good airflow to prevent overheating during the night. Look for materials like ventilated foam or breathable fabric covers to promote temperature regulation.
  • Motion Isolation: If you sleep with a partner, consider a mattress with good motion isolation to minimize disturbances from their movements throughout the night.
  • Edge Support : While not as critical for side sleepers as for back or stomach sleepers, edge support can still be beneficial for providing a stable surface and preventing you from feeling like you might roll off the bed.

Best Coirfit Mattresses for Side Sleepers with Neck & Back Pain not before

Now that you understand why Coirfit mattresses are the ideal choice for side sleepers, let’s explore some of our top recommendations:

  • Ortho Mattress: Designed specifically for orthopedic support, this mattress features a high density rubberised coir, providing superior comfort and targeted support to alleviate neck and back pain. To purchase a Coirfit ortho mattress, visit here.
  • Kia: Engineered with high density foam, Kia mattress conforms to your body’s contours, relieving pressure points and promoting spinal alignment for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Health Boom Mattress: Coirfit Health Boom is a 5″ mattress with extra firm active bond material that offers superior comfort for natural sleep and completes spine support. It is a combination of comfort, durability and firmness.


Don’t let neck and back pain disrupt your sleep any longer. Invest in a Coirfit mattress designed specifically for side sleepers, and experience the difference it can make in your overall comfort and well-being. With the right mattress, you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, free from the aches and pains that have been holding you back. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to rejuvenating sleep with Coirfit.

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