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Diwali Home Renovation Tips-The Festive Season Guide You Can’t-Miss!

Autumn brings with it festive vibes. This calendar month is filled with festival after festival. We all are gearing up for the biggest Hindu festival – Diwali. And we are ready to spend, decorate, eat and splurge. So let’s do that the right way. It’s the season to decorate our homes and welcome all festivals with a bang. If you are running out of ideas to renovate your home to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, try any of the following for your rooms.

Spruce up your Bedroom


Bedrooms should have a vibe that reflects your personality and instantly lets you relax and recharge as you escape your every day worries. While doing so, you must also ensure that the healthy environment in your room is maintained as well. i-Latex Mattress is the perfect mattress for your bedroom. It’s organic, it’s healthy and the best part is, it suits your bedroom look. It’s a product you just can’t miss out on. Grab it at the best deal this Diwali. DM or call us on +91-9837058451 to place your orders.

Living Room Love

foldable mattress

Planning to renovate your living room? What about the major challenge of a small space in your living room? It will definitely limit your creativity. Here’s what you can do-Opt for healthy and smart furniture that plays multiple roles. Foldable mattresses are the perfect space solution for your living room. Just Fold it and you get your daytime lounger or use it as a night time mattress. And guess what? Your Coirfit foldable mattress comes with the added advantage of Herb Fresh Technology, definitely a no-brainer investment this Diwali. Shop now from Diwali Wellness wali Sale. DM or call us on +91-9837058451 to place your orders.

The Guest Room Makeover

Rollaway bed

Atithi Devo Bhava. We are sure you must have heard this term. Your Guest room is one space that is often overlooked during Diwali renovation. But believe it or not, this room deserves as much attention as other rooms in your house. Amp up your guest room look with Coirfit Roll Away Bed. It is created keeping in mind not just what you need but what you deserve. It serves as a cozy spot for your friends, family, and guests. Along with the style and comfort, with Coirfit Roll Away Bed, you invest in a healthy product that’s worth placing in your guest room. Order now at the best price during Diwali Wellness Wali Sale. DM or call us on +91-9837058451 to place your orders.

My Garden Frenzy

Yoga mat

With Diwali comes the in-bound of sweet cravings. How about taking care of your health while also keeping your garden niche and cozy? Whether you decide to lounge around with your friends, do yoga, meditation, or just laze in the basking sun, Coirfit’s Yogamate is the best solution for some work detox this Diwali. Get an absolute deal-breaker discount during Coirfit Wellness Wali Diwali. DM or call us on +91-9837058451 to place your orders.

The Tinsel Town

Mattress protector

While renovating your kid’s rooms, the first thing that pops up in your mind is to maintain a healthy environment. And you know what is the best way to keep your child away from dirt, spills, stains, and dust while they are sleeping, playing or eating in their room. A Mattress protector. It is the ideal solution to keep your child’s bedroom safe from harmful viruses, bacteria, allergies and to keep your child safe during these tough times. Grab it at the best deal this Diwali. DM or call us on +91-9837058451 to place your orders.

Decluttered Lobby Times

Sofa cum bed

Diwali is an annual event when friends and family get to reconnect with each other and spend quality time together. You can facilitate conversations and joy by creating spaces where your guests can be comfortable, can talk, or even roast each other (optional) in a healthy environment. Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed is a unique Solution to your Space-saving requirements and you can use it in multiple ways. It provides you support and comforts you during all your Diwali conversations. Use it as a lounger, like a sofa, or as a bed, whatever is the mood, there is a solution for you. Shop now from Diwali Wellness wali Sale. DM or call us on +91-9837058451 to place your orders.

Above mentioned are some of the home renovation ideas that can be applied to your rooms. So, this Diwali makes your rooms beautiful, clean, and healthy. For more such interesting stuff, keep checking our Blog section.

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