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Double Size Vs. Double Bed Mattress-What’s the confusion?

Bed sizes can be confusing as there are “n” number of things that you should take into consideration. Picking the right size of your mattress can be much more complex than you might assume. Many buyers get confused between the commonly used terms ‘Double Size’ and ‘Double Bed’.

Purchasing the wrong size mattress can be one of the biggest mistakes anyone can ever make. So here we are to clarify the basic difference between these 2 terms and how to differentiate amongst other mattress sizes as well.

As per Indian mattress and bed sizes, A Double Size mattress simply means that the width of the mattress is 48″. It is suggested for an individual who wants some extra space to sleep. On the other hand, Double Bed means opting for 2 mattresses of

To help you make the best decisions when choosing a mattress, below are the most commonly used size names you can see in a mattress store and online. 

By reading this until the last, you’ll get a clearer picture as to what mattress suits you and your bedroom.

Become acquainted with all the available mattress sizes.

Just to give you an idea on the differences in sizes, here is what you need to take note of when searching for a mattress.

Different names represent different sizes-

Single Bed Mattress

Single size mattress dimensions starts from 30″ width and are the smallest mattress size available. It can also be the perfect size for a guest bed, daybed or bunk-bed, especially in smaller rooms.

Double Bed Mattress 

A Bed mattress ranges from 43″ width and go up till 59″ width. Double Bed mattresses are recommended for younger children as these give the children a more comfortable place to rest when reading and sleeping.

Queen size mattress

Queen size mattress dimensions start from 60″ inches width and go up till 71″ width. It can easily accommodate two people and is smaller than the King size mattress. Made especially for couples, the queen-size mattress is today’s most popular mattress size.

King size mattress 

72″ and any size above that is counted as a King-size mattress dimensions. A king-size mattress is the best choice for couples who want maximum personal sleeping space (starting from 36 inches). To ensure that the king-size mattress will fit nicely into your bedroom, make sure your bedroom size is atleast 10 feet by 12 feet. It is a better option for those who want to offer a flexible arrangement for a guest room.

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