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Ergonomic Office Chair You Need Post-Lockdown

COVID-19 started to take its peak from April 2020. This caused offices and industries to either shut down or majorly shift to the work-from-home model. Initially, we were not sure as to when the lockdown would end and we were working on our bed or sofa.

Initially, it was comfortable to lay down on your bed and work on it. However, down the line it triggered serious health issues as your back and body were not getting the desired support and balance leading to back and body pain.

After working from home for 1.5 years, now your body has adjusted to working on your bed. But now as COVID-19 cases have comparatively reduced, offices have reopened with maximum precaution and cleanliness. In this scenario, your back and spine needs attention to recover from uneasiness and discomfort you will face from this another change. While working from the office, we suggest you shift from plastic chairs to  Ergonomic Office Chairs. This small change will lead to a better productivity and will make sure that everyone is working comfortably during their work hours.

Benefits of An Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic chairs are especially designed for back and spine support. They provide cushioning and bouncy support to your spine, body, shoulder and back. It comes with adjustable headrest, backrest, arm rest, elevation and contoured lumbar support.

Along with these advantages, Coirfit Smart Office chairs also come loaded with-

  • Back and Posture Support: Coirfit Ergonomic Chair will provide support to back and lower spine giving your body a good posture and comfort.
  • Enhanced Work Productivity: With good support, you won’t feel tired and can work for long hours without disturbance. Also, your body will feel energetic and ready for all work challenges.
  • Reduce Hip Pressure and Control Blood Circulation: As the seating foam is well-designed, your pelvic and hip does not have to bear the burning sensation unlike those in chemically infused foams.

Long hours of sitting causes disturbance in blood circulation. With these ergonomic chairs, you can freely move your back and body a lot more and adjust the back seat as per your sitting position.

Find the Best Ergonomic Office Chair at Coirfit

Coirfit Team keeps itself updated with the demand and requirement of their customers and works on making advanced and comfortable mattresses. These chairs will keep your spine and back straight and safe. Here are some of the best ergonomic office chair options for you-

1. Coirfit Smart Office Low Back Computer Chair

Coirfit Low Back Office Chair is made from premium fabric and foam on the headrest. This will keep you active even while at work. It is made to give maximum support to your spine and hip area so that you get a perfect work posture and do not feel lethargic post-lunch.

2. Coirfit Smart Office High Back Office Chair

Ergonomically designed to guarantee your spine, neck and wrist joints are always at right angles for perfect posture. It comes with an orthopaedic advantage for those who already face back pain.

With soft top Polyurethane armrest and contoured mesh back, it is one of the best options for a better productivity at work. Brownie points because by sitting on this chair all day, you can still go back home happy and without any pain.

3. Low Back Task Chair (Without Handles)

It is designed with a thick padded seat and back  rest. So, post-lunch if you can’t go out from office, you can still easily rest back and relax for 15 minutes. Made from herb-fresh technology, it is sanitized before it is dispatched to ensure maximum safety.

This Coirfit Ergonomic Chair is designed to suit all back and body posture.

Switch to these Ergonomic Chairs today for a better work response and body posture. Back and Spinal pain issues are common today, especially when most of the work is now done on your system and you have zero or minimal movement during work.

A stagnant body with uncomfortable chairs can cause some serious back problems at an early age. It may be left unnoticed today but you might end up calling for a doctor at a later stage.

So, why wait to spoil your posture when you can easily shift to orthopaedic chairs today. Shop now from

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