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How Anti-Bacterial Mattress Helps You To Fight Coronavirus?

With the outbreak of Coronavirus in India, people have stopped going to public places and have stopped coming in contact with outdoor things. The next 2-3 weeks are crucial for India as the Corona epidemic has already reached Stage-2.

We are avoiding physical contact with others, keeping ourselves sanitized and working from home. Do you know your bedroom may have considerable amounts of microorganism that can lead to allergies?

Dust Mites, Bacteria, web on the wall are few of the many things that may lead to cough, cold, fever, headache and many more and this is what you have to avoid at present. It is advisable to stay healthy and live in a clean and healthy environment to reduce the probability of getting affected by the virus. Here are the few steps you can take to avoid the Coronavirus-

1. Buy An Anti-Bacterial Mattress

Many Indians have gone for self-quarantine while many of us are spending major time on the bed due to work from home. It means your bed and mattress should be anti-bacterial and anti-dust. Switch to hypoallergenic mattress, mattress protector and bedsheet and enjoy a healthy bedroom environment. A small change may keep you away from allergies, dust, and irritation. Avoid dust and allergy with Coirfit’s organic and antibacterial mattresses.

2. Switch to Organic Pillow

Your face skin is in direct contact with your pillow. An unhealthy sleep environment even leads to issues like headaches, cough or cold. Buy an organic pillow and keep your bed sanitized. Sleepers who have asthma issues should take every measure to prioritize their health.

3. Buy Air Purifier For The Room

It is still not proved that purifiers will keep the virus away but it would surely keep your air fresh and maintain a healthy and dust-free environment at home.

4. Sanitize Your Room Every Day

There is no medicine as of now to fight the virus and all we can do is avoid getting down with a fever, dry cough, and cold, unhygienic areas and cold places. So, keep your house clean and utilize every chance to reduce allergens. Try to use the vacuum cleaner to clean your room or to wipe off the dust. This is just to avoid virus but should be a long-term practice to minimize allergies in your bedroom. You can prepare a homemade cleanser to sanitize your room by mixing baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar. 

Anti bacterial mattresses during coronavirus

5. Maintain a balance in the room temperature

Don’t keep it too cold and maintain a humidity level. 

Coirfit offers Organic and Anti-Bacterial Mattress which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus, keeping the mattress sanitized and fresh. It gives an added benefit for asthma patients and individuals who suffer from allergies and respiratory problems.

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