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How to Dispose of Your Old Mattress in India

In today’s fast-paced world, disposing of old items responsibly has become more important than ever. With the increasing focus on sustainable living, it’s essential to find innovative ways to ensure that even something as mundane as an old mattress doesn’t end up in a landfill. Fortunately, in India, there is a fantastic option available to you – the Coirfit Mattress Exchange Offer. So, In this article, we will guide you through the process of disposing of your old mattresses and taking advantage of this remarkable exchange program.

Old mattresses

Step 1: Prepare Your Old Mattresses for Exchange

Before reaching out to Coirfit for the mattress exchange, it’s crucial to ensure that your old mattress is in an acceptable condition. Follow these steps to prepare your mattress for exchange:

Remove any bedding, including sheets, pillows, and mattress protectors. Clean the mattress thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or debris. Check for any damages such as tears, stains, or sagging. Minor wear and tear are acceptable, but significant damage may affect the exchange offer.

Step 2: HOW Does Coirfit Mattress Exchange Offer Work?

Get Your Mattresses Evaluated
The Coirfit dealer will evaluate your mattress and check if an exchange is eligible. Please note cotton mattresses (of any size and thickness, mattresses below 4-inch thickness, and mattresses below 60-inch width do not qualify for exchange.

Visit a Coirfit Store or Website
Locate your nearest Coirfit store and take your old mattress to the store· Consult Our Sleep Experts Once your old mattress is eligible for exchange, consult with our knowledgeable in-store staff in selecting the right mattress for your needs.

Avail of the Exchange Offer
After you have submitted the old mattress, you can avail your chosen new mattress at a minimum of 15% off + freebies worth up to MRP Rs. 5,998.

Enjoy a Restful Sleep
After the exchange process is complete and once you take the new mattress home, you can enjoy the best sleep ever on your new comfortable mattress.

old mattresses

Step 3: Select a New Coirfit Mattresses

Once your old mattress is on its way to Coirfit, it’s time to explore its wide range of new mattresses and select the ideal one for yourself. Consider the following factors while making your decision:

Mattress size: Determine the dimensions that suit your requirements.

Mattress type: Coirfit offers various mattress types, including memory foam, orthopedic, and hybrid mattresses. Choose one that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Comfort level: Consider your preferred level of firmness or softness and select a mattress that provides the perfect balance for a good night’s sleep.

Step 4: Place an Order and Avail of the Exchange Offer

With your chosen Coirfit mattress in mind, follow these steps to place an order and avail yourself of the mattress exchange offer:

  • Add the selected mattress to your cart.
  • Proceed to the checkout page.
  • Fill in the necessary details, including your delivery address and contact information.
  • Enter any discount codes or offers you may have.
  • Review your order and confirm the purchase.
  • Keep the exchange offer details readily available, old mattress pickup reference number, for any future inquiries or clarifications.

FAQs About Mattress Exchange

Q. When you buy a new mattress how do you get rid of the old one? / How do I
dispose of an old mattress in India?

Disposing of your old mattress in India is now easy. Simply avail of Coirfit’s maha exchange offer. You just have to take your old mattress to your nearby Coirfit mattress store and they will dispose of the mattress for you. You can then buy a new and comfortable mattress along with assured freebies and discounts.

Q. When should I exchange my used and old mattress?

In India, the culture of mattress cleaning is not very prevalent. Therefore, within 3-5 years the mattress becomes a home for growing bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites, etc. To avoid this situation, we suggest you either clean your mattress from time to time or you can also avail of Coirfit’s maha exchange offer and replace your old mattress and get a new hypoallergenic mattress.

old / new mattress

Q. Can we exchange an old mattress with a new mattress? / Is there any way I can
exchange my existing mattress with a new mattress?

Yes, you can easily exchange your old/existing mattress in the Coirfit Maha exchange offer. You simply have to take your old mattress to your nearby Coirfit dealer store and get a new and upgraded mattress.


By following these simple steps, you can effortlessly dispose of your old Coirfit mattress while taking advantage of their convenient mattress exchange offer in India. Remember, responsible disposal of household items is not only beneficial for the environment but also contributes to a more sustainable future. Make a wise choice by opting for the Coirfit mattress exchange offer, and enjoy a comfortable and eco-friendly sleep experience like never before.

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