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How To Get Coirfit Mattress Franchise In India?

India’s mattress demand has been expanding fleetly in recent times.. However, there are many reasons involved in this sudden growth in the mattress industry. For example, extreme mindfulness by wellness experts and counselors about the sleep routine to avoid health issues, the rise of disposable income, growing interest in buying decoration order products, and the preface of multitudinous mattress types as per age and physical conditions. According to market research and industry reports, the Indian mattress industry is experiencing growth of 10% every year and is expected to cross $ 2 billion in the current year. Looking at this constant expansion of the assiduity, numerous business openings are evolving in the mattress sector. Best mattress brands in India are offering their mattress Franchise business opportunities in various parts of the country

Coirfit Mattress is among the top mattress brands in India and is availing its best mattress franchise for a business aspirant to join the niche market for guaranteed success. In this article, we have provided insights into the Coirfit Mattress Franchise opportunity. So if you are willing to transform your business aspiration into reality through the mattress Franchise business then stay tuned with the article to get focused information about the same.

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Coirfit Mattress has grown successfully in the Indian market with its unbeatable brand image as India’s No.1 Orthopedic Mattress Brand. Moreover, the brand has constantly worked on the product range, quality, and services and developed a strong brand value in the Indian market. Hence, the mattress franchise of Coirfit Mattress is a golden opportunity for an aspirant to start their business. Here are some essential aspects of the Coirfit Mattress brand that distinguish it from competitors and offer a great output to its associations i.e. Franchise.

 1. Excellent Quality and Innovation Enriched Product

Coirfit Mattress brand has been available in the market for more than 36 years now and the reason behind this continuity is product quality and adoption of innovative ideas to sustain in the market. Coirfit Mattress brand focuses on customer satisfaction the most hence, every product is made of ultra-expensive quality accouterments by using innovative technology to give  comfort as well as continuity.

2. Wide Range of Products

The brand has always been researching market trends to acknowledge customer preferences, sleeping patterns, health issues, and pricing expectations hence, the brand has created a different range of mattresses to offer the client as per their conditions. For example, spring mattresses, coir mattresses, orthopedic mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses etc. in all sizes to allow the customer to pick the right product without any concession.

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3. Technology Driven

Coirfit Mattress always believes in providing comfort, health, and wellness to promote a relaxed sleeping environment. Hence, each Coirfit mattress product is designed with features like motion isolation, spinal balance, breathable fabrics, etc. Ultimately, these features give an invigorating resting experience to a stoner.

 4. Promoting Sustainability

The brand has always taken the action to reduce carbon vestiges by using biodegradable accouterments in its product manufacturing, incorporating recycling practices, and dealing with nature-friendly products.

 5. Space Requirements

The space requirements for a Coirfit mattress franchise in India can vary depending on various factors such as location, store format, and the range of products offered. A Coirfit franchise requires space as less as 250 square feet. This space should be located in a high-traffic area with good visibility to attract potential customers. The space should be able to accommodate display areas for mattresses and other related products as well as a checkout counter.

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6. Investment Requirements

The investment required to open a Coirfit mattress franchise in India can also vary based on several factors, including the location, size of the store, and specific franchise terms. The minimum investment for a Coirfit mattress franchise store is approximately ₹75,000. This investment typically covers expenses such as franchise fees, store branding and facade. 

Before proceeding with a Coirfit mattress franchise in India or any other franchise opportunity, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, including a feasibility study and consultation with franchise representatives. This will help ensure that you have a clear understanding of the space and investment requirements, as well as the potential returns and challenges associated with the franchise. 


The mattress industry in India has many challenges due to its unorganized market structure. Even so, it deploys potential business opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs to start their ventures in this competitive sector. Several brands are emerging in the mattress industry that are providing these amazing mattress franchise opportunities to passionate business owners to receive huge success in their business journey. Coirfit Mattress Franchise in India offers a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed in the Franchise business in India. We have crafted this article to give a clear vision to aspirants with the ultimate information about the Coirfit Mattress Franchise in India. If you are excited about the mattress franchise opportunities and are willing to learn more about Coirfit’s profitable mattress franchise store, connect with our experts on [email protected].

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