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How to Select The Best Mattress Offline – Coirfit Mattress

Planning to buy a mattress offline? We have curated some special tips that you need to read before buying a mattress from the retail store.

Buying a mattress has never been an easy task. It involves a lot of research and finding. Nowadays, it is very important to know about the quality of the mattress before buying a mattress.

Before finding the best mattress for yourself, a lot of questions might pop-up in your head. Questions like-

  • What kind of material is used by the brand while making the mattress?
  • Will the mattress help me get rid of back pain?
  • What is the mattress brand’s return and exchange policy?
  • Is the brand reliable?

and many more. While you alone cannot find answers to all of these things, we are here to help you in finding the best mattress offline which is both healthy and hygienic for a good night sleep.

Facts to be taken care of while choosing a mattress offline

There are a lot of myths that revolve around mattress shopping, but it is important to know the following facts before you choose any brand:

  1. Don’t opt for a soft mattress if you suffer from body and back pain.

Be it a serious back problem or if you are going for a normal mattress change, always select a medium or soft mattress. Hard mattress does not contour to the body curves and causes pressure point development. This results in increased back pain and spinal issues. Memory foam mattress eliminates stress and back issues and it automatically adjusts to the shape of your body.

  1. Go for a natural mattress


Latex, aloe vera infused mattress are few of the many 100% natural mattresses that offer maximum support to your body. It keeps your sleep environment healthy and fresh and keeps you free from any bed borne diseases.

  1. Memory foam mattress does not causes sweat

It a myth among people that memory foam generates heat which causes sweat at night and disturbs your sleep. If you go for an unrecognized brand or look for a cheap brand, you might face the issue of overheating. However, at Coirfit mattress with advanced open cell structure of memory foam, there is automatic air-flow which keeps the mattress cold at night so you can sleep fresh.

  1. Look for Dual Mattress

Buying a mattress is a big investment, while you need a little soft mattress your partner must be looking for a slightly firm one. Dual mattresses are available in every material and eliminates the option of toss and turn of the mattress all the time.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Mattress Offline

Earlier when you wanted to buy a mattress, it was easy as there were few retailers and a basic price for all mattress types. However, things have changed today due to the internet driven world. You have to keep into account a lot of factors and points before you invest in a mattress. Here are few of the many things that makes mattress shopping easy:

  1. Comfort

It is one of the most basic things that we look at while choosing a new mattress offline or online. There are different back issues that people face at a very early age. It might be because of the long working desk job or household chores or it might be because of old-age. In such situations, there are very specific and minute issues that you might be facing during sleep and you have to be clear with it.

online mattress

For some Firm Mattress might be the solution while for some a little soft mattress would be more comfortable. Hence, it is important to go for reliable brandsso that if you buy something on their recommendation and it does not come out to be true, you may easily go for another. When it comes to comfort, know the following:

  • Your body should rest on the mattress without any issues
  • Pressure point release, so that you sleep peacefully
  • Support from all sides

Zero-partner disturbance, i.e., motion isolation. Your sleep should not be affected because of the movement of the other person you are sleeping with. It is important that your mattress offers you maximum comfort during sleep.

  1. Hypoallergenic and Obour Free

Bed bugs, dust-mite, Microbes and many other elements are a serious concern for many of us. Chemical infused mattress helps in the growth of microbes that cause sleep disturbance. It also infects the sleep environment. At Coirfit, our team works on eliminating each sleep issue. We offer unique treatment to the mattress that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus, keeping the mattress sanitised and fresh.

All the mattresses at Coirfit are made from Herb-Fresh Technology which allows proper air-circulation, no growth of microbes, eliminates the issues of respiratory problems among people and many more.

  1. Breathability

With the feature of Hypoallergenic comes easy breathability and freshness. 3D cell-structure in the mattress allows air-circulation which keeps the mattress at neutral temperature and you sleep undisturbed. Talk to the sleep experts at the store and know all the features of the mattress you are going to buy.

  1. Easy Return & Exchange Policy

Look for brands that offer 7+ years of warranty so that you don’t have to run to the store every second year to look for a comfortable mattress. Brands like Sleepspa and Coirfit are few of the many good brands that offer simple replacement policy so that your faith in the brand continues without being worried about your investment.

  1. Products Used by The Brand

Read well about the foam type that you are willing to buy. Check for the spring quality used, fabric taken in making of the mattress, foam type and its material. Most importantly, understand about the hygiene structure of the brand’s manufacturing team to avoid issues at a later stage.

While these are few of the many factors that are to be considered, read about the brand you are opting for. In a case, where the reviews are available online as well, it would be an added benefit for your mattress shopping.

Still confused about the foam type and fabric to choose from the offline mattress store? Talk to our sleep experts.

Tell them your sleep issues, what you are looking for and know about the best mattress for your good night sleep.

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