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How to Tackle Health Issues During Festive Season

Festival season is here but you still have lot of undone things in your basket. And we are sure, that must be a cause of your concern and stress. Offices and schools have also re-opened after 1.5 years of work from home. This has completely altered your new normal again.

The pandemic has definitely changed a lot of things around. More and more people are complaining of anxiety issues, stress, depression and loneliness because of being alone and isolated. Last festive season was also not the same due to the rise in COVID cases. Hence, all of us are super excited to make this year a special.

Festive season means adding up an additional shopping and planning schedule to your regular household chores and office work. This means that your body will have to face extra work load and will require even more energy to manage the pressure of having a unique celebration this year. With so much to do, your body might drain out on a lot of strength both physically and mentally.

Major Health Problems with Extra Workload

Festive season makes people go crazy. From finding the best festive decor to preparing delicious meals, each task requires a lot of time. Some of us take it lightly, while others face serious health problems both during and post-festive season. Some of these issues are listed below-

  1. Insomnia: As you have not planned your day and divided the work, you keep thinking about the work and how you are going to manage it leading to sleepless nights and restless days.
  2. Back and Body pain: With too much walking and improper sleep, your body gets restless and you might face severe body pain.
  3. Triggered Arthritis Issue: Walking on shopping areas, climbing stairs, decorating your home means giving a wake-up call to your arthritis issues especially when, even your sleep is disturbed.
  4. Stress and Anxiety: When things don’t turn out the way you want it to be, you feel pissed-off and stressed. Not being able to decide from the options or not getting the exact same décor you want might often make you stressful and anxious.

Simple Ways To Tackle Your Health Issues During Festive Season

These are few of the many health issues that you ignore and take lightly. It is a sign that somewhere your life needs a balance. You are facing these issues, because somewhere you are compromising on healthy living. So, here are some simple and efficient ways to manage your work and health with no stress:

1. Do Not Sleep On A Sagging Mattress

Your mattress should be perfect and comfortable at all times. You need to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. A good mattress means a sound and undisturbed sleep so your body gets the required comfort and pressure point relief.

Chemically infused low-quality mattresses sag and sink causing serious body and back pain. Due to this you end up tossing and turning at night to find the right comfort. Moreover, when your sleep bed is disturbed, you wake up irritated and tired for the next day.

With Coirfit, we can assure that you won’t have to face these health issues. Coirfit offers a valuable sleep comfort with-

  • Automatic temperature regulation which keeps your mattress cool and comfortable.
  • Firm and dense feel which eliminates the scope of back pain and you can just fall on it and get 7+ hours of undisturbed sleep.
  • Hypoallergenic that keeps your sleep environment healthy and fresh.


2. Have a Warm Drink Before Sleep

It is always advisable to have a warm drink before bedtime. It may include chamomile tea or warm turmeric milk. You can also add a sip of green tea that will calm your body and mind. Avoid caffeine products at night as it may cause sleep trouble. Green tea is known to reduce stress and boost your immunity system.

Green Tea

3. Start Your Day With a Healthy Diet

It is possible that you might have to skip meals while you are shopping or out for some work. So, to avoid serious headaches or body pain at odd hours, it is advisable to start your day with a nutritious healthy meal.

Add fruits, milk and cereals that would keep you full with vitamins and energy. With a wholesome meal, you won’t feel lazy and lethargic while working or shopping. You can even opt for South Indian dishes as they are generally heavy and keep you full for a longer time.

Healthy Diet

4. Buy a Good Pillow for a Pain Free Sleep

Spondylitis or pain in your spinal column is an early sign of serious back pain. This might be because of your uneven pillow that causes difficulty in sleep. It is because the neck is not placed well, thus causing disturbance at your back and shoulder.

Go for a Memory Foam Pillow. It’s ergonomic engineering will keep your spine aligned, head supported and will avoid overextending your neck. The pure memory foam core keeps the pillow from collapsing overnight for a restorative sleep experience. We generally ignore such discomfort and just shift from one position to another all night. We tend to not worry worry how it seriously affects our back and spine.

Memory foam pillow

Do not let your health issues become a cause of compromise in your festive season planning. Monitor your sleep and health. Make sure your day is energetic and you can plan your festive shopping and celebration as you are expecting it to be.

Do not forget that your sleep quality and sleep hours make the most of your day.

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