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India’s Smallest Mattress In A Box Is Here!

With the increase in various mattress options and prices, we all know the time and effort it takes to opt for a new mattress. With the types of mattresses increasing day by day, you are required to do a good amount of research before actually buying a comfortable mattress for yourself.

But, do not worry! Coirfit is here with a solution to all your problems. Why spend hours in finding a good mattress online or in-store near you? We are one of the best retail and online mattress store for ordering the finest quality of mattress for your home. From Gold infused to Aloe Vera fiber mattress, Memory foam to latex mattress we offer everything under one roof.

Mattress in a Box

However, the issues still exist as to how will you manage to carry a big pack of mattress inside your home? To end this difficulty and discomfort, Coirfit presents India’s Smallest Roll Pack Mattress. Unlike other stores, our box is the smallest of them all and it becomes easy and convenient to carry it to different floors or inside your home.

What is a Mattress in a Box?

The mattress is flattened, compressed, rolled into a box, and is then vacuum sealed. Once you place an order on our website, we deliver the box at your doorstep without any inconvenience-

  • Of carrying with the help of 3-4 people 
  • Not being able to fit the box in the lift or
  • Mattress Box not able to go inside the door.

We pack in the smallest box which makes it easy for everyone to carry it easily and without any help.

Once the mattress is delivered, all that is required is to take it out of the box, lay it down and let it expand. The rise in demand and convenience led to the popularity of packing the mattress in a box and delivering it to customers. Also, you get a chance to remove the unnecessary price hike of middle men commision, when you purchase directly from us.

Mattress in A Box India

Why buying a vaccum compressed mattress is a good option?

Instead of wandering at various mattress stores, don’t you want to save your time by investing in high-quality mattress once and for all? Additionally:

  • We offer almost lifetime warranty up to 15 years on most of our mattresses.
  • Cost reduces as you will be buying directly from us.
  • Convenient and easy as you don’t have to struggle in carrying a big mattress back home. Our mattress box is the smallest of all other mattress boxes.
  • As everything is placed at one website, you can research well about the type of mattress available and which one is best for your body type.

You might be hesitant in going for the option as you fear that the mattress will not decompress as shown or the quality may deteriorate. Kindly note, there won’t be any damage to your mattress. The mattress will retain it’s original shape in just 24-48 hour.

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