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Is Sleep Deprivation Affecting Your Immunity?

Proper and healthy sleep has a direct relationship with your strong immunity system. We might not give much heed to the growing problem of sleep deprivation. But it is affecting our immunity and resulting in cold, flu, fever and other related health issues.

Having more than 8 hours of sleep might not affect your daily life; but skipping proper sleep may leave you susceptible to serious health issues. 

How are Sleep and Immunity Connected?

When we sleep, our body makes cytokines which are proteins that are secreted from our body. Cytokines have an anti-inflammatory property and fight infection. However, when we don’t get the right amount of sleep our body makes fewer cytokines. This results in a week immunity system and makes us prone to flu, cold and fever.

If you are facing issues of not getting proper sleep due to workload or pressure then you should be aware that even medicines and mediation won’t help much because your body is losing the capacity to fight with diseases.

Sleep Deprivation

Ways to Fight Sleep Deprivation

1.Reduce Screen Hours

In this tech-savvy world, people are spending almost 10 to 12 hours before TV, Laptops and Smart Phones. This has an adverse impact on our sleep routine. After work, when we lay down on the bed for sleep, we spend almost 1 hour scrolling the phone. 

When on the bed, avoid using your mobile phone. The screen light sends information to our brain that it is still day time. This thereby produces less melatonin and results in a delay in sleep. So, reduce screen hours and enjoy a good healthy sleep.

2. Take Small Naps During The Day

Try taking small naps of 30 min or 1 hour in between the work. Take rest, give your mind rest from daily work. Small naps will help to lower the adenosine levels in us.

Reduce the intake of caffeine products. Try to go for a walk after the meal for better sleep quality.

3. Invest in Good Mattress

Buying a good quality mattress is an immediate step that you should take to avoid sleep issues, body pain and unhealthy sleep environment which results in disturbed sleep.

An orthopaedic mattress creates pressure points in our body and helps in having sound sleep. Latex and Memory foam mattress are known to be of the finest quality if bought from a good Online Mattress Brand. They keep you away from allergy, inflammation and an unhealthy sleep environment. Buying a mattress that has low-quality foam and fabric will result in body pain all night.

So, if you are dealing with sleep deprivation, it is #timetoswitch to a comfortable mattress which will help you in enjoying sound sleep thereby keeping your immunity strong.

Coirfit mattress gives you an opportunity to sleep in your favorite position so you enjoy the right amount of sleep.

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