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Is Sleep Inertia Affecting Your Work Life?

Our busy life is affecting our good and sound sleep. We feel grumpy when we wake up and it affects our daily working. This is popularly known as Sleep Inertia. We all feel a little cranky in the first 10 to 15 minutes after we wake up and this has now become a common phenomenon.

What is Sleep Inertia?

Sleep Interia is a state that exists between our sleep hours and when we are awake. We all feel a little irritated when we wake up and it takes a few minutes to start functioning properly and stick to our daily routine. 

This state happens because our Prefrontal Cortex (Responsible for taking the cognitive functions) takes time to finally get up and kick in. It is responsible for our reactions, our ability to make a decision or to carry our work-life normally.

Sleep Inertia

Sleep Inertia may last from 15 minutes to almost 5 hours after we wake up. During this time, our body is still in a state of sleep. This is an indication of how much sleep deprived your mind and body is. Be alert, as this may even be with you the whole day. It might happen if you are neglecting proper sleep hours, not having a good sleep environment or getting disturbed sleep due to an uncomfortable mattress or your sleep posture.

How To Avoid Sleep Inertia?

One of the plausible solutions to avoid this state of Sleep Inertia that is affecting your work life is to invest in a good mattress. This can be done only after a good online research and reading about the issues from different sources. We at Coirfit, work every day to understand a customer’s body type and his sleep condition before recommending the perfect mattress. Our research and development team has built a wide range of mattress with high durability and comfort.

Each Coirfit mattress is designed to suit different body types and requirements of different sleepers. Coirfit’s proprietary foam used in mattresses creates relief points that keep you free from hip, shoulder, spine and back pain. Additionally, there is no motion transfer which avoids your partner getting disturbed at night.

Our Orthopaedic mattress or Natural Latex mattress regulates the temperate of the mattress. It further keeps your sleep environment healthy. You can sleep cool all night and wake up fresh and active every morning.

Order from our Active Backcare Mattress Range. It provides extra pressure relief in key areas like the shoulders and lower back. Along with precision-cut channels, the mattress eradicates heat and moisture issues during sleep. It will relax your muscular stress and your body will no longer urge for more cups of coffee.

Combine our pillow and mattress to wake up active and fresh. Free yourself from spinal issues. and get rid of Sleep Inertia that is affecting the balance between your work and family life.

For more details, reach out to our experts and get assistance on your sleep issues.

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