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King-Size Mattress: The King of All Mattress Sizes!

Buying a bed can be a tough decision and an important one. Your whole day depends upon sound sleep. A night of sound sleep helps in improving your mood, improves productivity, keeps you more energetic. 

King size bed/mattress is different from a normal mattress. It is usually big in size and can accommodate two people who can sleep comfortably in their favorite sleeping position. The mattress is ideal for a growing family. A queen-size bed can also fit two people but, they might have to compromise on the comfort part. The dimensions of the king-size bed start from 72″ width and can go up to to even 96″ width. A couple can easily fit on this mattress while enjoying their personal space. A queen-size bed is good for a small family, or someone who is looking out to save space in their apartment.

In today’s world, many people can afford to have a luxurious lifestyle. The luxurious lifestyle includes having a lavish house or an apartment. A big house requires a rich interior with expensive furniture. Having a king-size bed in this luxurious house is imperative. A king-size bed not only gives a rich look to the room but also it provides comfort at a high level. 

History of King Size Mattress

The king-size mattress became famous in 1945 when an American manufacturer company introduced a larger size mattress than usual ones. Before this, the couples used to adjust on the usual small size mattress. In 1950, king-size mattress gained a lot of popularity. Today, every mattress brand has the option of king-size mattresses.

Buying a king-size bed is always a good option. It can surely accommodate more than two people when necessary. It is a great option for couples who are about to have kids. The king-size mattress can accommodate the couple as well as the baby conveniently. In this way, the couple does not have to go and look for the baby in the cradle every now and then. Before buying a king-size mattress keep in mind certain factors like the quality of the mattress, the firmness of the mattress, compare the price, the quality, etc.

King Size Bed dimensions in India

King-sized beds are not only good at providing comfort but also have numerous benefits like-

  • The extra space and firmness of the mattress ensure that you don’t wake up having an uncomfortable body full of pain. It also makes sure you have a sound sleep.
  • The larger size of the mattress helps in letting your body breath, unlike other mattresses where you and your partner sleep congested. When the body breathes, it improves the quality of your sleep which eventually helps you to wakefit.
  • With the king-size mattress, there is no scope of you and your partner sleeping on each other. There is plenty of space on the mattress for you to sleep in any position you are comfortable in. 
  • When you have enough space to sleep, you can concentrate on improving your sleeping habits like switching to a healthy sleeping position which helps in reducing joint pain, back pain, etc.
  • King-size mattresses are good for people who have injuries. As they need space to get themselves comfortable and heal quickly. The firmness of the mattress helps them relax and rest, which ultimately helps them recover from the injuries fast.
  • Having a king-size mattress helps in bonding with kids as well. When everyone can fit into the same bed, you can follow a routine like reading to kids, talking to them, singing to them, etc.
  • Even though queen-size mattresses or any other mattresses are inexpensive as compared to king-size but talking about comfort, nothing can beat the comfort level of the king-size mattress.

What is the difference between a king-size and queen-size mattress?

There is a huge difference between the king-size and queen-size mattress as the size and dimension are different. A usual queen-size mattress width starts from 50″ and goes uptill 71″ while the dimension of the king-size bed starts from width 72″ and then there is no limit.

Is king-size mattress worth the money?

King size mattress

This absolutely depends upon your need. If you do not share your bed then there is no need for it. But if you share your bed then a king-size mattress is an investment worth making. The mattress is worth the money because of the comfort it provides.

What are the different king-sized beds?

There are two types of king-side mattress are available in the market such as Standard King and California King. Standard King mattress starts from 72″ as compared to California King Size Mattress. However, in India, all mattress brands online and offline offer standard king size.

Of course, in case any mattress shape or mattress size customisation is required, we do offer the same.

Putting it all together, King-size mattresses are great investments that provide a higher level of comfort than any other mattress size. It assures guaranteed longevity luxury, space, comfort, etc.

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