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The Future of Pillow-Top Mattresses

Pillow top mattress or Euro top mattress is entitled to the superlative richness in the mattress industry. Being associated with luxury, pillow top mattress is often among the finest mattresses in the world. There are significantly more advantages of using a pillow top mattress as it provides several benefits to its users.

Make sure that you are aware of the kind you are in need off.

Pillow top mattresses tend to be effective in the relief of pain, especially when it’s new. A euro top mattress helps your neck stay straight and maintains the natural position of your spine. If you have severe back and neck problems than your doctor might suggest you pillow top mattress that is because of its medium comfort feel.

Rising Deep Sleep

Euro top mattresses have contour pillow adjustable features that automatically achieve the desired fit with different pressure points of the body. Euro top mattress come up with maximum comfort associated with deep sleep. These mattresses are among the most comfortable and best mattresses available in the market today. Confirmed for luxury bedding, pillow-top mattresses provide great support, even better than a contour pillow.

Support section

A section of the support system is known to be a pillow top section, it is stitched on the top layer of the mattress. The material used could be any one of the materials of your choice like latex, memory foam or springs. Moreover, it is not required to have a contour pillow as the support section works better.

Pillow-Top Mattresses

Long-Lasting Durability

Pillow top mattresses last much longer than other mattresses. These mattresses are usually good to use for about 8-10 years, easy for people to prolong it for so many years.

Moreover, this depends upon the company by which it has been manufactured. At Coirfit, high-quality pillow-top mattresses are built to last a very long time. You can definitely buy a pillow top mattress and be rest assured that it will be a long-lasting money-friendly investment.

Advancements in the Pillow-Top Mattresses

Innovation is not complete without advancements; this must be an ongoing process of research in order to get precise results. The pro team of researchers and developers have observed that pillow top mattress work better to support luxury bedding after mild modifications like-

  • More beneficial by using support sections of memory foam, pocket spring coils, natural talalay latex in pillow-top mattresses.
  • Multiple pillow top layers ensure more relaxation during undisturbed deep sleep.
  • Multiple pillows top on both sides so that you will get the similar surface when you toss and turn the pillow top mattress. This makes it the perfect reversible mattress free from any sags.

A notch apart, meet the Coirfit stars that feature revolutionary Pillow-Top layers-



Presenting the Goldilocks of all pillow top mattresses- Coirfit Ortho Koil pocket spring mattress. Experience deep sleep and relaxing rest on our smart bedding mattress that has healing properties of Gold infused fabric and individually wrapped Aqua Pocket Springs. Aqua Pockets work in harmony to ensure that you are sleeping with your correct body contours. It is the health mattress of the new century and designed to proffer 5-Zone spinal support. With 11 years warranty and soft relaxing comfort, it’s time to enjoy the revolutionary technology of this pillow top mattress.



Coirfit Ortho Nirvana brings together all our revolutionary technologies into 1 great mattress. It is India’s First 5 Zone Euro Top Mattress with adaptive advantages of Nano Spring, Memory Foam and Talalay Latex. The Gold therapy proffers better blood circulation and elasticity of our tissues. It increases the formation of collagen in our skin, making it more smooth. The advantages of dual Pocket spring system is further combined with self-efficiency of memory foam and responsiveness of Talalay latex. Relish the science of deep sleep with expertly designed comfort, support and performance of Coirfit Ortho Nirvana. It is a Pillow top mattress with extensive 15 years and soft comfort level.



This pillow top mattress is a blend of natural healing and rejuvenating properties of Nature’s wonder plant, Aloe Vera. Ideal for backcare patients and sensitive body, Aloe vera Spa is not just pleasant to sleep on but also has a positive impact on the energy level. The unique treatment inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus keeping the mattress sanitized. Aloe Vera Spa supports and cradles to your body to provide healthy spine alignment while you sleep and a healthy spine position which allows your muscles to rest throughout the night and wake up refreshed in the morning.

Paradise Dwelling with Coirfit Mattress

Each Coirfit Mattress is created from elite materials that have been clinically tested to improve your rest. To help you enjoy deep sleep, each of our luxury bedding is propelled with modernized technology that suits you and your partner’s personal sleeping needs.

To opt for the perfect pillow top mattress that suits your body, You can connect with our sleep executives via Phone (0121-2660245) or +Whatsapp (91-9837058451),  visit: www.coirfitmattress.com

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