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Rubber Mattress: Is it worth the investment?

Choosing Rubber Mattress could be the best decision if longevity is your main point and you love durable mattresses. But, before quickly adding it to your cart, let’s understand and compare it’s competitors, and conclude whether a rubber mattress is worth your money.

What is a Rubber Mattress?

The rubber or latex mattress is the most durable mattress which is also environmentally friendly and chemical free. It is famous for the extraordinary life it offers, and it lasts nearly 15-20 years. The mattress is either made using the Talalay process or the Dunlop process.

Two types of rubber mattress

1. Talalay: Talalay rubber is a type of natural rubber. It is famous for gently cradling the hips and shoulders as you sleep on your side, but any sleeper can usually benefit from a Talalay mattress. Talalay rubber is also very breathable due to its open cell structure and is a good choice for those who tend to sleep hot.

2. Dunlop: Dunlop rubber is developed from pure rubber serum or sap extracted from beneath the bark of the rubber tree. The serum is harvested, whipped into a froth, and then melted into sheets in giant steam moulds. Raw sludge in the mixture settles to the bottom of the mould, making Dunlop layers a bit compact on the bottom side.

Advantages of Rubber Mattress

There are many advantages that rubber mattresses offer to their users, and the major ones are listed below:

  1. Sustainable Mattress: The most durable product is always the one which is made with natural elements, specifically considering mattresses. Ideally, rubber mattresses are developed using raw rubber, which has no other synthetic blending or mixing of any other artificial material in the foam. As a result, it is an eco-friendly option that protects us from fungal infections, various skin allergies, and other harmful insects.
  2. Long-lasting & Durable Product: The durability of a rubber mattress can be somewhere between 15 to 20 years. That is quite a good count, as chemical based mattresses usually have a shell life of 5-8 years. Then, one has to replace them. Only some mattresses last up to 5 years with proper maintenance. With rubber mattresses, you can easily enjoy a long-lasting mattress.
  3. Deep comforting: A comfortable mattress give you sound sleep, healthy life, and peaceful relaxation. Everyone in this world aims to enjoy the most relaxing time. It has to be a mattress that must be compatible enough to offer the best quality comfort.
  4. Supports spine: Do you feel lazy and tired even after sleeping for 8 hours? Then, you have a mattress that doesn’t support your spine. It would be best if you switched to a new one. Proper support to the spine helps you to enjoy your posture and wake up fresh. Rubber mattresses are one of the most comforting and supporting mattresses in India.
  5. Cooling Properties: Yes, it is a fact that rubber mattresses do not let your body temperature shoot up. Instead it helps to regulate the body temperature. The airflow between the pincore structure allows a calm sleep and can absorb the heat and moisture of the surroundings. 
  6. Zero off-gassing: A natural product with negligible chemical off-gassing is the one you should opt for. A rubber mattress shows no issue such as off gassing as it is naturally made. The rubber layer adds durability to the mattress and doesn’t allow dust and dead body cells to accumulate. It is one of the most notable benefits of a rubber mattress.

You can quickly grab all the above advantages and buy your next mattress from India’s favourite online mattress brand- Coirfit Mattress.

Disadvantages of Rubber Mattress

  • Heavy to carry- A rubber mattress tends to be more severe than many other mattresses. But, all mattresses differ in weight, depending on the types of stuff present and their density. Overall, a rubber mattress may need more effort to move or lift. Therefore, this is a minor drawback because it only occurs sometimes when you need to move your mattress.
  • Expensive– Rubber mattresses are more costly than regular spring coil or polyurethane (PU) foam mattresses. But, this is a case where the extra cost represents extra value. A rubber mattress is more durable, and part of the cost increase is offset by the reduced frequency of replacing old mattresses. Another factor is the improved performance that a rubber mattress offers. You’ll get a more sound sleep, healthier back support, and a more hygienic way to sleep when you use a rubber mattress. However, a very high-end coil mattress may quite easily cost more than a rubber mattress, yet not able to offer similar performance compared to a rubber mattress.

Near substitute of Rubber Mattress

Honestly, a rubber mattress has no substitute. It is the top quality mattress that can offer significant advantages which in turn improves your health and your lifestyle. However, we have jotted down certain types of mattresses that can be an affordable choice:

  1. Foam Mattress: First popularised after the memory foam invention, foam mattresses are made of different combinations of different-density foams to provide softness and support. Also, memory foam is the most well-known foam mattress type, and various types offer additional benefits.
  2. Hybrid Mattress: Some mattresses offer a hybrid combination that includes layers of both springs and foam. Hybrid mattresses can be an excellent choice for those whose preferences fall in the middle of what spring and foam mattresses can provide.

Rubber Mattress is a wise investment as it offers a bundle of benefits to it’s users. We all aim to achieve a good and healthy life. These mattresses help us to regulate the same. Every healthy choice allows us to improvise our present health status. But, if your budget doesn’t allow it, the above close substitutes can be your choice. At Coirfit Mattress, we believe in offering a high quality mattress at factory prices. So, don’t forget to check out our products and select your next rubber mattress from Coirfit.

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