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Side Sleeper? Here’s How To Sleep Comfortably!

There are different kinds of sleepers in the world. Some sleep on their stomach, some on their right side while some on their left side. It doesn’t matter in which position you sleep, but it is important to know if that position is affecting you in any way.

What is the best position to sleep in?

It is quite difficult to suddenly change your sleeping side or position. It is also obvious that you have your unique sleeping position because it is comfortable for you and makes you sleep. But, the sleeping position you find most comfortable sleeping in might be causing trouble for your body.

Here are good to worse positions to sleep in-

  • The best position to sleep in is on your back. This position perfectly aligns your head, neck, and spine. In this position, there is no pressure or pain in any of your body parts. The research says that only 8% of people in the world sleep on their back.
  • The starfish position is a sleep position where both the hands are up over their head. The research says that only 5% of the people sleep in this position. This position can cause severe snoring and sleep trouble.
  • Sleeping on your stomach can get rid of snoring problems but not good for everything else. This is the worst position one can sleep in. It causes pressure on muscles which lead to numb and irritated nerves. It is advised to try another sleeping positions for better health.
  • In the fetal position, a person curls himself up by bending knees. This position is said to be ideal for pregnant women, as it tends to improve blood circulation in mother and the fetus.

If you are not a side sleeper, here are some insights-

About 74% of people in the world are side sleepers. This is the most common sleeping position. It is a position that keeps your body aligned and prevents all unnecessary muscle pressure away. Even though the doctors say sleeping on back position is best for your body, but everybody is not comfortable sleeping in that position. 

Here are some tips on how you can be the perfect side sleeper-

  • To gain a sound sleep, it is important to invest in a good quality mattress. A good quality mattress can improve your productivity, improve your mood, makes you energetic. 
  • Along with using the right mattress for your body, it is crucial to have the right pillow for your neck as well. Choose a pillow that is not too high or too low or a pillow that is not too hard or too firm. Using hard or high pillow can cause severe neck pain. Just like mattresses, choose your pillow wisely.
  • Using an extra pillow can also help in having a sound sleep. The stomach sleepers usually hold a pillow while sleeping, it gives them a sense that someone is by their side. 
  • If you are struggling to opt for a new sleeping position, try sleeping on a narrow sofa. This way you won’t have any space to move, and you will be sleeping in one position throughout.

Sleeping on your side whether left or right, both have plenty of benefits.

What are the benefits of sleeping on your left side?

side sleeper advantages
  • Since in our body, the stomach and pancreas are on the left side, it is advised to sleep on the left side for better and healthier digestion. 
  • It is healthy for a pregnant woman to sleep on the left side, as it circulates the blood in the body to the placenta. It is advised to pregnant women not sleep on their back as it can cause a drop in their blood pressure.
  • People having snoring problems are encouraged to sleep on the left side, as it helps in opening the crowded oropharynx. 

Here are the benefits of sleeping on your right side: 

  • People having any history of heart attack are advised to sleep on their right side. Sleeping on the right side pulls the heart to the center of the body which helps in optimizing the cardiac performance. 
  • There are cases where the heart rate is not as usual. To rectify this, it is advised to sleep on the right side as mentioned above sleeping on the right side pulls the heart to the center of the bodies and help in regulating the heartbeat. 

The side sleeping position is the most common position to sleep worldwide. Apart from the right and the left sleeping position, there are several other sleeping positions you can try.

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