Workout You Can Do In Bed During Lockdown
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Simple Home Workout You Can Do In Bed During Lockdown

Wondering which home exercise you can do at your home to stay healthy? Here is a simple home workout that you will love.

We know that most of you are managing both household and office work during the lockdown. Your domestic help is on leave and your kids are acting as a cherry on the cake to make this lockdown even more tiring and hectic. 

What you look for is to finish all the work and get a good ret because once the lockdown is over, you will not be spared from the office (provided you have a good boss). Additionally, this lockdown is making you eat a lot because what else we can do the whole day. Just Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

So, our experts have thought of helping you out with a simple exercise that you can do while in bed. Basically, these are exercises without gym equipment at home. You don’t have to do anything but just lay on your comfortable bed and chill. Let’s begin.

5 Easy Home Exercise To Try

1. Alternate Back Leg Raise

Try getting up 20 min before the scheduled time and just relax your body on your comfortable mattress. Be it a Latex or memory foam mattress, both provide the required support and comfort and you wake up fresh. Just lie on your chest and try raising your legs either alternatively or together and do it 30 times (2 sets). This home exercise will relax your body and is a good workout for the legs.

Back leg exercise

2. Side Leg Raise

While talking to your partner, try lifting your legs sidewise. Lose weight while on the bed and get the required energy for the day. Do it 30 times on each side and make your partner do the same. The couple who lives together, also does work out together. 

Side leg exercise

3. Work on Your Abs

For those who don’t want to work on their belly fat or want to build leg stamina should do this more often. Just bend your knees and try to bring it near you belly and then go back to normal sleep position or it would be better if you avoid putting your leg down and just keep it in the air and do it 30 times (2 sets).

Abs exercise

4. Hip Raise For Back Pain

For those who are still compromising on the quality of the mattress and buying low quality/cheap mattress to save money will surely end up with back and spinal pain. Talk to our sleep experts and know what type of mattress will suit your body.

Just before you plan to leave the bed, just raise that hip and hold for 30 seconds. It will relieve all the back pain or even if you don’t have any pain it would act as a pointer to keep you free from all back and spinal issues. 

Hip raise exercise for back pain

5. Good for Digestion

Just sit calmly and peacefully and hold this pose as long as you can. It will help in digestion and weight loss and relieve you from stress and lockdown anxiety.

To exercise on the bed, it is important that you have a comfortable mattress that could mold as per your body shape and you don’t have to toss and turn.

Buy a healthy and comfortable mattress today and stay healthy while at home. Do let us know which home exercise do you like the most.

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