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Sleep Tips Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We all know that this should be the last thing one should Google and believe in. All of us look at the Zodiac sign to know about their fortune and future, however, you’ll be surprised to know that your zodiac sign tells a lot about your sleeping pattern and hours of sleep. It is a settled fact that we all should have at least 8 hours of sound and undisturbed sleep to be active and fresh throughout the day. Let’s see what tips your sign has to give you for a sound sleep:


Aries require at least 6 hours of sleep because of their workload and ambitious nature. Being high in energy, if they are unable to channelize their energy, they face sleep related issues. They are believed to be competitive, passionate, energetic and hence can’t go for 8 to 9 hours of a sleep.


They need atleast 9 hours of sleep and a gentle wakeup. They want everything beautiful and gentle, like a clean bed and pillow where they can comfortably sleep.


It is between no sleep or oversleeping, they are more into chatting and conversation and hence sometimes they have a sleepless night. Geminias it is recommended to avoid conversation before bed, to get a Good Night Sleep.


Cancerians need a lot of quiet and deep sleep to have control over their emotional energy. They love to take care of people at home but are too moody and over-sensitive. Provide them a comfortable blanket to sleep in and they will fall asleep in a minute as they love a cozy atmosphere.


Neither too much nor too less is their principle. If they sleep less, they can make it up with small naps. Their best sleep is napping with their loved ones around, else they might suffer from broken sleep. They want comfort and space to rest.


They are perfectionist, logical, reliable and focused. Hence they require a good 7 hours of sleep to forget about all their worries and rest. Their mind needs to rest and stop thinking about their work, so sleep is a necessity for their busy schedule.



Known for being generous and kind to all and always thinking about the benefit of others, they require nice and sound 8 hours of sleep to spend quality time with themselves. They love to have a happy environment and are a combination of spirituality, materialism and homeliness.


They have face trouble sleeping and hence it is advisable to go on the bed by 10 PM. They may become a nigh owl because of their passionate and compulsive mind. Meditation is important to ease this habit.


They consider themselves to be superheroes and assume that they can survive even without any sleep. However, they should act realistic and give time to sleep. Because of unrealistic behaviour, they burst out and get tensed. It is advisable for them to enjoy quite sleep and fulfil their dreams.


They are diligent and punctual and never let their work to overtake their daily routine of sleep. They pay attention to health and life routine and hence do not skip their sleep hours. Not only they are punctual on bed but can also sleep despite of noise.


They are creative and can’t lose their work and hence they go to sleep on time. They think a lot on problem solving and need the most of the sleep to stop their mind from over thinking. It is advised to stay away from gadgets when on bed.


They are too much into imagination and need sleep to avoid the chaos and negativity of the world. They are open to their surrounding as they are very spiritual and a good sleep will keep them alive and energetic.

However, what is most important and necessary for all 12 Zodiac signs for getting an undisturbed and healthy sleep is getting the best quality and comfortable mattress, pillow and bed cover to stay healthy and calm when at sleep. Quality of foam and fabric used are the deciding factor when buying a mattress to avoid pain and discomfort during the night.

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