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Turn Your Bedroom Into a Hotel Room

After every hotel stay, you are showered with the same question from every manager out there- “Did You Like the Stay Maám/Sir?” And before answering it, you remember and consider the aroma in the hotel room, lights, temperature and most importantly the comfortable and bouncy hotel mattress which forces you to sleep a little more and cuddle your partner even more to enjoy those comfy and stress releasing sleep.

What makes the stay even more memorable is how you easily fell asleep on the hotel mattress and woke up rejuvenated in the morning. So, how about upgrading your room to a setup as comfortable and dreamy as a  hotel room?

Revamp Your Bedroom Into A Cosy Hotel Room

Cozy mattress for bedroom

1. Yellow Dim Lights: Besides the white light in the room, get a yellow dim light added to your bedroom. It will make you lie down peacefully and forget about the hectic day at work. Yellow lights are usually for a calm and peaceful mind. You can also buy a smart bulb so that you may adjust as per your choice of brightness.

2. Buy A Blackout Curtain: Free yourself from those bright lit lights of the street that disturbs your sleep at night. Make sure you use light-blocking curtains in the room that also match the room interiors. This will help you to lay down comfortably and freely.

3. Aromatic Candles are trending these days. Most of the hotel roomsare now keeping it to add to their guests’ experience. It is mostly to make a perfect sleep setting and a calm environment in your bedroom. Lavender, Jasmine or Chamomile are a few of the best candle options that trigger a good and sound sleep.                           

4. Even Pillow To Rest On: Buy different types of pillows for your bed. One for resting your head on and one to cuddle and sleep. Memory foam pillow would be one of the best options as it has therapeutic effect and spreads your weight across the surface helping your shoulder and neck to rest comfortably without any toss, turn and disturbance at night.

Memory Foam Pillow

5. Comfortable Mattress for a Good Night Sleep: Hotel mattresses are the best of all the things you get in a hotel. A big, bulky, comfy and bouncy mattress you want to jump on every time you come back. Built-in wire and advanced 3D structuring of the mattress makes it cool and bouncy.

At Coirfit, we offer a wide range of mattress that contours to the shape of the body and give you a sound and undisturbed sleep. With Coirfit, Get the following hotel mattress features:

Temperature Regulation: The advanced 3D structure and wiring allows air to flow keeping the mattress cool and fresh and leaves your sleep environment healthy to sleep on.

Pressure Point Relief: Your weight would be spread across the mattress and helps to release pressure point making it calm and composed and you would fall asleep quickly.

No Sagging and Sink of the mattress: With Anti-sag technology, you can sleep without worries on your Coirfit mattress. The mattress will help you to relax and will provide an ergonomic sleeping environment.

6. Give Space and Keep it minimal: Do not overfill your room with a lot of furniture. Keep it low and reasonable with just a bed and a study table on the side. Add a full size mirror in your bedroom for an oomph factor.


Spending time with yourself before you end your day is essential for good sleep. It will help you to reflect about your full-day and not just keep around. Also, why run to hotel rooms for a weekend getaway when you can set up your bedroom like the one you want. Explore options to revive your sleep room and change it as per your preference.

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