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Why You Need A Mattress Protector for Your Mattress?

While you might have bought the perfect mattress for your bed and have a sound and comfortable sleep with little or no disturbance, you might be missing on an important thing that would extend the life of your mattress, which is, a mattress protector. A mattress protector or a mattress cover keeps your mattress free from normal wear & tear and is known to be a good layer of protection to your mattress.

A waterproof mattress protector keeps your mattress safe from spill & dirt. It helps you to avoid unnecessary expense of buying items for removing food or other stains. A mattress brand might offer you a mattress with 5-7 years warranty, but you can’t claim if there is regular dampness or spilling on it because of your clumsiness.

Benefits of a Waterproof Mattress Protector

To keep your mattress new all year long without any dirt or marks, you should buy a mattress protector today. Avail the following benefits, with Coirfit Dryfit waterproof mattress protector:

  1. Extend the life of your mattress: There are mattress brands that do not cover stains, dirt, etc. in their warranty guidelines. They do not exchange or return the mattress that has burns or marks from food items or any spills. Hence, having a mattress protector will help you to claim return or exchange. More importantly, it keeps the mattress new and refreshing for years.

You can easily remove the mattress protector whenever there is a leakage or spill. You can get it washed thus keeping the mattress clean and free from marks. During your menstrual cycle, you can sleep freely and not worry about the stains that will spoil your mattress.

coirfit mattress protector
  1. Remove and Clean: It is easy to get the mattress cleaned. In a case where you have toddlers or children or you have a habit of munching or eating on the bed, then every time you cannot keep the mattress outside to dry under the sun or to get rid of the smell. With a waterproof mattress protector on your mattress, it becomes easy to quickly remove the mattress cover and wash it.

  1. Keeps dirt away: People with respiratory issues or those with a balcony room or an open area attached to it might face some serious issue of dust and bugs on their mattress. And trust us, it is not easy to clean it every day before your sleep. With a mattress protector, you can easily wash and get rid of unnecessary elements like dog or pet fur, dust, etc.
  1. No Change in mattress Comfort: For those are wondering whether putting a mattress protector on top of your memory foam or a cool gel mattress will change your comfort. Let’s break your myth. A mattress protector will not hamper the comfort, support, or any other additional feature of your mattress.

coirfit mattress protector

  1. Warranty factor: There may be a case wherein mattress companies may reject your warranty claim if the stain or burn caused to your mattress is outside the return & exchange policy and your money will go to the drain. With a mattress protector, you will remain tension free and enjoy comfort without any drawbacks.

All about Coirfit Dryfit Waterproof Mattress Cover

Mattress protector

We believe in offering the best to our customers and finding the best possible solutions to their problems and concerns. In every 5 households, 1 of them has a toddler at their home and they find it difficult to manage the dust, stain, dirt, and stain of water.

We love to keep our customers at No.1 priority and finding an all-over solution to such problems by designing an all-in-one mattress protector. Besides the above-mentioned mattress protector uses, here are some additional benefits & comfort offered by a Coirfit mattress protector:

  1. 100% Waterproof: The TPU membrane allows the mattress to remain free from accidental spills and gives a space for the water to vaporise. It keeps the mattress resistant from all types of fluids and makes it breathable.

Some people have sweat when they sleep, which might be because of some health issues and they find it difficult to sleep in wet areas. Additionally, those sleeping with kids have to change the bedsheet every now and then. It is advisable to go for a mattress protector and avoid sleep disturbance.

  1. 100% Pure Indian Cotton: It has more than 200 GSM fabric which makes it easy to tuck it from all sides without any effort, keeping the mattress free from getting crushed. Its fabric is soft and smooth, machine washable, dryer safe, and simple to clean.
  1. Made from Herb-Fresh technology: Binding cells inside the mattress protector eliminates the growth of microbes and is hypoallergenic which keeps you away from dust-mites, fungus, and other bacteria. For those having serious respiratory issues, do not have to worry about the quality. Its Herb Fresh Technology sanitization keeps your sleep environment safe from bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.

  1. Wide range of colours: For those who are choosy and want their bedroom colours to be in sync, do not have to worry. Our team at Coirfit takes good care of the customer’s demands. Thus, we offer different colours and texture for the mattress cover. You can choose from White, Maroon or Beige colour for your bedroom. There is also an option of non-quilted and quilted mattress protectors.
  1. Stretchable up to 10 inches mattress: Coirfit mattress coveris stretchable enough to fit on mattresses with thickness up to 10 inches. No clumsy bed, protective sleep, and zero disturbance is the mantra of a Coirfit waterproof mattress protector.
  1. Temperature Regulator: Our open-cell structure allows the regular flow of air and keeps the protector and mattress temperature maintained.

Best Quality Mattress Protector in India

Mattress protector

Keep your sleep environment clean and do not worry about your late-night munching during work. Go for a Coirfit mattress protector, which would elongate the life of your mattress and keep it durable and fresh.

Sleep quality depends a lot on your sleep environment and the quality of the mattress you use. While buying a mattress is in itself a big investment, a mattress protector allows you to enjoy freely on your bed. You can stop water from entering the mattress. Thus, keeping it fresh all the time.

However, you cannot by-pass the process of quarterly or timely cleaning of your mattress with a vacuum cleaner or from our suggested tools that would keep the mattress new and healthy.

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