Waterproof Mattress Protector
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Yikes! You Need a Waterproof Mattress Protector Right Now.

An average life of a mattress ranges from 5 to 8 years provided you buy it from a good brand. The mattress should be of premium quality foam and fabric that will extend the life of your mattress and enhance your sleep quality. While warranty comes with certain terms and conditions, you can protect your mattress and enjoy its benefit till the year of warranty by investing in a Mattress Protector.

All About A Waterproof Mattress Protector

Waterproof Mattress Protector

More than 1/3rd of our life is spent sleeping. You deserve a quality sleep. Your sleep quality is dependent on wide number of factors which includes:

  • Healthy environment
  • Quality of fabric and foam of the mattress
  • Cleanliness on your bed and many more.

While enjoying restful sleep is important for an active day, you cannot change your mattress every two-years because of foul-smell, stain, spill, dirt, etc. Hence, to avoid such issues and to keep your mattress new all year long, investing in a waterproof mattress protectoris a smart choice.

Benefits of Investing in a Waterproof Mattress Protector

Waterproof Mattress Protector

While you may come across a wide range and quality of mattress protectors, it is vital to know the end benefits and buy it from a recognized brand. For those who choose the correct protector can enjoy following benefits-

  1. Your mattress is clean: Our removable mattress protector offers 3D protection from spills and dirt. You can easily remove it and get it washed whenever there is any stain. Combined with non-toxic TPU lamina cover, the mattress protector is 100% waterproof and noiseless. Your child can comfortably play on the mattress, without you worrying about any leakage or stain on your mattress. There will be no tension of keeping your mattress under the sun or washing it to remove the dirt.
  1. Extends the life of mattress: Regular spill and dirt may reduce your mattress life especially when you buy from a cheap brand. Coirfit mattress protector is waterproof, made from 200+ GSM fabric and crafted with 100% Pure cotton terry material. It  comes with a lightweight performance TPU lamina to provide a silent layer of protection between mattress and its life.
  1. Hypoallergenic: In an unhygienic environment, Dust Mites, bacteria, fungus will easily grow on the mattress. It disturbs your sleep, especially for those with respiratory issues like cough, cold, breathing problems. By using a mattress protector, you can just clean your mattress at regular intervals. It will help you to get rid of unnecessary viruses and fungus that sit on your mattress and keeps it cleaned.

As the mattress and mattress protector at Coirfit, both are made from Herb Fresh Technology. There is no worry of growth of unnecessary microbes that disturbs your sleep and your sleep environment remains healthy.

  1. Easy to maintain hygiene and keep away from odour: There are many cases when you accidentally drop something on your mattress. You might have kids who love to scribble on any surface. Everyday you can’t carry a big heavy mattress out under the sun and get it dried. It is a hassle to clean it every 2-3 days to keep it safe from stink and stain. With a mattress protector on top of your mattress, you will be free from odour and stains from food, oil, liquid spill and many more.
  1. Warranty Protection: If you have bought a low-quality mattress from a brand that has not given you enough warranty or protection from damage, Coirfit mattress protector is made for you. It would extend the mattress life and you don’t have to worry about changing the mattress because of unnecessary stains and damage.
  1. Easy clean and dry: Coirfit mattress protector is machine washable, dryer safe, and simple to spot treat to make it easy for you to clean. High-quality fabric and premium knitted material make it easy to get rid of any kind of stain and you just have to machine wash it and bring life to your mattress with healthy and fresh sleep.

Buy Coirfit Waterproof Mattress Protector Today

A mattress protector is one of the important accessory for your home. It not just keeps you safe from unnecessary work but also reduces your financial burden of investing a hefty sum every 2-3 years in buying a mattress. Though a mattress protector will keep your mattress safe and hygienic, it is important to assure following things:

  • Occasionally clean the protector to get rid of bed-bugs, dust-mite, unnecessary elements, allergies and many more.
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the waterproof mattress cover, inside out.
  • Before buying it, look for brands that offer anti-microbe mattress protectors which would give you a safe and secure sleep and you don’t have to worry about the sleep issues.

Coirfit Dryfit Waterproof Mattress Protector is made from 200 GSM fabric. It feels seamless and gives a silky feel to enhance your sleep hours and quality. You can sleep undisturbed for 8-hours or for as long as you want. The soft quilted layer on top forces you to spend more hours on bed without worrying of any kind of stain or odour.

Do not worry about the size of your mattress, as it may fit upto 10-inch width mattress and comes in a wide range of size and colours like Maroon, White and Beige.

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