Let your guests drift into a peaceful slumber with our fine crafted goods and lineage of more than 31 years. Our extensive range of hotel mattresses, pillows and mattress protectors has been crafted keeping in mind 3 factors-comfort, support and durability. We believe your guest’s experience should outpace excellence, therefore we offer our high-quality customised products. Blending perfectly with your institution’s atmosphere, let’s indulge in a proliferant relationship and cater to your guest’s sleeping needs. 

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Why Coirfit?


To match your quality standards, each of our product can undergo rigorous customisation as per your request.


We proffer unique treatments and innovative products to add value to the sleeping experience of the guests. 


From on site measurements to committed after sales service, at no step you will feel lost or baffled.


With Pan-India shipping, we will leave no stone unturned to deliver your package on time and without any hassle. 


A concomitant of comfort, support and bounciness. Exquisitely wrapped with quilted fabric cover and foam layer, the mattress imparts an exclusive sleep experience. 

High Tensile Springs

Each of our spring is finalised after hours of prototyping and selecting the perfect gauge wire. With corrosion resistant and rust proof properties, the springs set the mood for a luxurious sleep experience. 


We do not experiment with the quality and maintain high quality standards with intrinsic and detailed checks.

edge reinforcement system

To avoid rolling off the edges while sleeping, the mattress is quipped with high-tech. Edge reinforcement system. 

pocket spring MATTRESS

Individually encased spring coils that work towards imparting a massage like feel to the body. It is packed with an extensive warranty and ideal comfort for the sleepers.


With inner spring technology, the mattress works towards reducing unnecessary tossing and turning at night. Powered with high tensile alloy pocket springs, the mattress exhibits durability and elasticity. 

Exclusive Cushioning

With quilted top and separately packed spring coils, the mattress cuddles to the body to provide soft comfort. 

Motion Isolation Mattress

Have your guests complaining about mattresses that make noise and too vulnerable to motion? With this motion isolation mattress, all these worries are swooshed away. 


Easy to carry and with foldable properties, Coirfit roll away beds are designed to support the sleeper with it’s high gauge metal leg system.


Easy to carry and with foldable properties, Coirfit roll away beds are designed to support the sleeper with it’s high gauge metal leg system.

Lock Mechanism

With a easy to operate lock mechanism, the bed can be easily folded thus freezing the mattress in it’s place.

Perfect Space Saver

With rust proof wheels, the rollaway bed can be easily folded and stored during the day. It doubles as a comfortable bed during sleep time. 

sleep accessories

Enhance your guest’s sleep experience with Coirfit’s sleep accessories. Available in a multitude of sizes, shapes and styles, we are sure to provide you with the fit and comfort you are looking for.

All Season Comfort

Designed to provide comfort during all seasons, each of these product is a sleep powerhouse on it own. 

Wide Variety of Products

Good night’s sleep doesn’t stop with a new mattress.Our vast selection of pillows, mattress protectors and duvet covers lead your guests to a peaceful slumber every night. 


All our sleep accessories are designed with materials that are hypoallergenic and bed bug resistant to avoid any discomfort while sleeping.

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