Space-Saving Sofa Bed You'll Love

Convertible and Supportive-A foldable sofa bed for your living room, guest room and home.

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100% HD Rebounded Foam Core

Provides excellent support for both work and relaxation.


Durable Back Support

Long durability and long lasting comfort with its ultra bond material and premium upholstery.


Luxe Velvet Fabric

Adds to the look of your bedroom/living room while eradicating excess heat and maintaining the right temperature.


Eco Fresh Advantage

Sanitized and fresh preventing breeding of harmful dust mites and fungi which prevents respiratory problems.

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sofa bed india

Premium Sofa Cum Bed


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Experience sleep like never before. Say hello to spontaneous comfort – our premium sofa cum bed turn into a foldable mattress faster than you can say ‘goodnight.

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