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10 Ways to Make Your Work From Home Space More Comfortable

Work from home has become an integral part of our life, ever since COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. But let’s not let it hit our productivity and enthusiasm. Here are 10 ways to make your home office more comfortable for you to work in.

Be it working from the office or working from home, you need a quiet and refreshing place to work. You can’t be productive in a dull environment. Also, you must have noticed that your work quality enhances if the environment is creative and attractive. Many offices keep a sleep area or a game zone or have a small garden at their workplace. This helps the associates to remain active and find motivation to work with complete efficiency.

Keeping in mind the current pandemic situation, offices are revising their work policies with the flexible option of choosing to either come to office or work from home. Not just for office work; for those who like reading, painting, and most importantly those who are bloggers they need to set up a good home office to keep themselves up tight and focused. To help you in creating a comfortable and mesmerising home office, we bring to you simple and easy tips-

1. Paint the Wall

Have a colourful wall of your home office. Something which suits your eyes and can help you to be at your best. Green is known to help relax and concentrate. blue is a symbol of confidence. So, you paint it as per your need. You can mix and match or keep your room in a colour block pattern as well. Experiment and enjoy.

Wall Painting


2. Lit the Room with a Lamp

A small table lamp or a lamp near your work table will keep you centred at one place. When you find those tube lights and normal bulbs boring; just switch them off. Turn on your lamp and let the cozy atmosphere set it. It will push you to work. It can also help you in letting go the worries and will bring peace to the mind.

Room Lamp


3. Wall Mounted Work From Home Foldable Desk

Not everyone has a lot of space in their work from home or study from home area. You might find it difficult to adjust everything at one place. Moreover, some want a spacious room to find space for their bed or couch. For such situations, it is easy to have a wall mounted desk that can be used when required and then folded back to save space. Coirfit smart home furniture offers a wide range of options to choose from. You can pick your favourite study desk/table and enjoy the work hours.

Work from home table


4. A Motivational Wall

Sometimes hectic work hours or a busy work schedule makes you lose the zeal of working with full potential. You feel like giving up that project or find a dip in enthusiasm.

It is this time of the day when you need a little push from your closed ones. You are in need of positive assurance in such a phase. Paste motivational quotes, write on your soft board, etc. and feel better when you see them again.


5. Ergonomic Body Posture

Many times you just want to sit and work but your sitting position might not allow you to do so. Having an ergonomic sitting position is extremely important for good productivity. Coirfit Smart Office High back Chair is designed so that you assume a healthy body posture for three way relief : Spinal column, neck bone and wrist joint. Also, it keeps your neck relaxed and comfortable. The breathable pillow keeps you cool while sitting. You can adjust the height and the tilt of the chair as per your requirement. Using a Coirfit Chair ensures you are taking care of your body even while working.

Office Chair

6. Flexible Home Office

It is difficult to sit at one place and in one posture throughout your working hours, especially during Work from home (WFH). It not just gets redundant but sometimes we lose concentration because of back ache or disturbance with the sitting posture and many more. So, why not have a flexible and durable place in your Office home so that you can work in your desired posture and chill at times.

Coirfit 3-in-1 sofa-cum-bed is made for a simple work routine so that you don’t get bored. Easy and use it as per your convenience. It is a viable and pocket-friendly option for all your space and furniture problems. Crafted from premium quality fabric and foam, it is manufactured with 100% HD Active Bond. This makes the sofa supportive and provides a comfortable backrest. Adjust it as per your mood. Make your home office attractive and stylish in the way you want it to look.

sofa cum bed


7. Keep it Green

Plants are known for their positive and fresh vibes. The fragrance helps to freshen up the mood and keeps you calm and composed. Peace lily, Lucky Bamboo, Orchid, Jade, etc. are few indoor plants that bring in positive vibes and balance the mental health of the person. It is also known to keep your environment fresh and happy. So get one of these Air-purifying plants. Make your study table and work room pleasant.

Green Plants


8. A Floor Mat Below The Table

Rug or a floor mat adds a little comfort while you work. In winters, it helps to keep your foot warm. During, summers you can either remove it or buy an all season friendly rug. Decide the wall colour, buy the table and then choose a rug which goes with the setting.

Floor mat


9. Keep Aromatic Candles

Be it in any mood, a good essence can change the thought and behaviour of a person. Sometimes you feel low at work or get irritated for not getting the desired result. It instantly sends out positive vibes and frees you from negative thoughts.

Just light that aromatic scented candle. You will surely get a ray of hope that nothing is impossible and you can do it easily. Look for brands that offer Aromatic Candles or you can even DIY at home. Make the perfect home office scented candle.



10. Photo Wall For Happy Faces

We all are close to a handful of people whom we count in our good and bad days. While not all of them stay close to us, still their faces can change the mood and bring a smile on our face. Keep a small portion of the wall for those happy & loving faces. It will bring you out from the blues and remind you that you are special.

Photo Wall


So these are some ideas to keep your workplace happy and colourful. Don’t get bored while you work, you can add more to this. Use your creative ideas to have the best home office.

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