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3 in 1 Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed

Did you know you don’t have to invest in a sofa, a bed, a mattress, and a lounger separately? Read this space to know 1 sofa cum bed can solve all your space problems and yet look stylish.

Why buy a bed, then a sofa and then a living room furniture and make your small home a congested place to live in? Not all of us have a luxurious home that easily accommodates all sorts of furniture. We need to find a way out for this issue, which is difficult to tackle.

However, it is not just the problem of a small house but also for those who want to spend quality time in their living room. They want to chill out with their colleagues/friends during the weekend, work from home during the weekdays. Coirfit sofa cum bed is the best solution to all your problems.

Sofa cum bed is both a practical and an appealing solution to your space problems. With just 1 piece of furniture, you can brighten-up your home with varied forms and looks. Finding a comfortable, yet premium quality 3 in 1 Sofa cum bed is now easy and pocket friendly with Coirfit.

All about Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed

Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed

Coirfit sofa cum bed is easy to assemble. Within a jiffy, you can transform it into a sofa or a  bed or a lounger. Make and use it as per your convenience. This is what makes Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed a viable and pocket-friendly option for all your space and furniture problems. Crafted from premium quality fabric and foam, it is manufactured with 100% HD Active Bond. This makes the sofa supportive and provides a comfortable backrest.

Coirfit Sofa cum bed can be adjusted as per your mood. It will make your home attractive and stylish in the way you want it to look. You can make it a sofa during day time, can keep it in as a lounger when with friends. For evening time with family, turn it into a mattress for a good night’s sleep. You can use it as a mattress on the floor or can place it on your bed base as a mattress. It is a 3-layer foam bed comprising of:

  • Polyurethane foam
  • EPE Foam
  • Polyurethane foam

These foams make the mattress comfortable enough to avoid sinking at night while keeping it balanced for excellent back support.

Coirfit Comfy and Aesthetically Stylish Sofa cum Bed

Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed

Do you want to change the arrangement of your living room and want to make it livelier and more unique? Then this is what you need. Find out the luxurious benefits of Coirfit Sofa cum Bed:

Durable Back Support

It is popularly believed that these beds are comparatively very hard and are not good for your back for long hours of sleep. Though it may be true for brands that are selling low-quality foam Sofa cum Bed, at Coirfit our manufacturing team uses Premium Quality fabric and 100% HD Active Bond Core which gives the right support to your back.

Made from Herb Fresh Technology

To avoid respiratory issues and foul smell from foam and fabric after a period of time, the manufacturing process is fully-sanitized and antibacterial. It thereby keeps your Sofa cum Bed free from the growth of microbes, anti-dust mite, bacteria, fungal issues, etc.

If you go for a low-quality bed, your work and sleep would be disturbed after a short span of time. You would want to move, toss and turn or change your position of work/sleep. With Coirfit, avoid these problems and easily Work from Home. You can even use it a comfy yet productive office space by converting it into a lounger.

Keep Your Living Room Lively

Coirfit Sofa Cum Bed

Effortlessly change the setting of your home. You can make it look new for your relatives and friends every time they come over. Elegant and Trendy, Coirfit Sofa cum Bed is made for your home and it is built for durable and long-lasting comfort. From our 5 vibrant colors, you can choose the one that suits your living room the best.

Can take Pressure

Coirfit Sofa cum bed

Don’t worry that if you’ll put a lot of weight on its back then it may lose the stiffness or the thread through which it is stitched may lose and break. Our fabric and foam are engineered in a way that keeps it sturdy to withstand some serious bingeing.

Within 2 minutes, convert your sofa into a bed. A solution to all your space problems.  The concept of similar and old looking living and bedroom for years is now gone. Go for a Coirfit Sofa cum Bed. Enjoy it with family and friends with a toast to all your life issues and fun.

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