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5 Home Decor Ideas for Diwali 2021

Diwali-The festival of lights is almost here but are you still confused how to make your home look colourful and bright this diwali? Here are some easy to do home decor ideas for diwali. Binge on.

Festive season means having family and friends at home for a get together or a small meet and greet from guests who come bearing diwali gifts.

With the pandemic creating havoc since the last 2 years, things have not been the same. While many want it to be calm and peaceful this year, few might want to revamp their home with unique furniture and decor ideas. Try these simple and budget-friendly home decor ideas for your 2021 Diwali celebration-

1. Try This Colourful Mulberry Rest Set

Coirfit Mattress offers cosy and comfortable, colourful Mulberry rest comforter collection which is best for those looking for a festival party set-up at home. During Diwali, weather outside is comparatively cold and you might want to set up a bonfire in the garden/patio. The Mulberry rest bed set is easy to move and place it wherever you want.

It comprises a fluffy bed sheet, cushion covers, pillow covers and a cozy comforter. You can easily place it wherever you like and cuddle in with your partner and friends. While COVID-19 cases have reduced drastically, you still need to take precaution and maintain hygiene. Don’t worry, these beds come with proper sanitization and are made from Herb-Fresh technology which would avoid growth of microbes or other viruses around your sleep and chill area.


2. Decorate Diyas at Home

Diya’s have always been the easiest, affordable and the best home décor idea for Diwali. You can paint it with matching wall colours or in contrast with the rangoli colour combination.

Earthen pots or similar pottery items may be kept in living and pooja areas. You can also spray some aromatic scent for a natural fragrance at home.

Diwali Diya

3. Brighten Up The Entrance Of Your Home

Many of us have already scrolled through million of home decor ideas online only to find yourself stuck in the same dilemma. Here’s a quick tip for you. Your house entrance is visible to all, and you can use all your ideas there. Go desi, without any electric lights or market-made stuff and decorate your home with real flowers or faux floral bandwar.

Use lavender, lily and other colourful flowers to decorate your entrance. You can even add a touch of these beautiful flowers to your dining table and side tables. As a plus point, let the natural fragrance bring calm and peaceful mind to you.

Home Decor

4. Unique Rangoli Ideas

Rangoli is a mark of good luck and is an integral part of the Indian festival culture. Whether we make a small one or a big one, every household ends up making a beautiful rangoli in their home.

Try some simple and subtle design of either Durga Ma or Ganesh Ji. Fill in the geometric designs with pastel colours or flowers and decorate it with Diya’s or earthen pots around it.


5. Decorate it with Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are one of the best options for home décor. Plants bring in positivity and good vibes with aromatic fragrance. What is best with plants is that everyday you can change the setting, depending upon where you are setting up the sitting arrangement.

Keep it on the side table or near the entrance or sofa setting. You can even place lanterns and lights near it to add a dramatic flair to the set up.

Indoor Plants

Make this Diwali a festival not of crackers but of calm and peaceful decorations. While celebrating, let’s also keep in mind to maintain a harmonious environment for those affected by the pandemic.

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Also, if you have DIY Diwali home decor tips, do share it with us.

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