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5 Sleep Accessories to Invest in this Winter

Winter season brings along with it a lot of lazy afternoons and cosy nights. We all try to find a warm and comfortable spot after a long-hectic day for peaceful sleep. While in summers we don’t really feel sleep all-day long. However, winters are known for long sleep hours as and when we get time.

Your bed is your favourite spot. You actively look for that optimum comfort where you can just snuggle and sleep. We go for winter shopping to buy room heaters, coal, woollen socks, etc. to fight the excess chill. But you can’t take them all to your bed as room heaters are not good for health and you can’t keep them on all night.

Therefore, you need something which you can hug all night long while sleeping. While your basic bed gives you the comfort of stretching and relaxing, here are few of the many sleep accessories that would make your Winter 2021 a promising dream.

1. Mulberry Rest Bed-in-Bag

Are you looking to revamp your current bedroom look? Or planning to shift it towards the window so you can get direct sun rays during afternoon naps? Or are you planning to shift to a room which is not that cold? Then this 6-piece bed in bag is made for your cosy and warm winter sleep.

Get the perfect comfort and warmth with 100% polyester microfiber bed rest. It is easy to carry anywhere you go and has a bouncy texture. It is designed to give a restful comfort and warmth in winters so that you don’t leave your bed without any reason. It comes with a double bed comforter, elegant cushion and pillow covers with colours of your choice.

Bed in bag

2. All season comfort HR Foam mattress

The mattress is designed to balance your personal microclimate and keeps you thermo-neutral. Once you go inside your blanket, it would take hours to find the optimum level of warmth and comfort, i.e., optimum level of balance temperature to sleep.

This is so, because your mattress is too cold to get into the normal temperature your body requires. Hence, to avoid such issues and relax your muscles to enjoy the winter sleep; you should choose Coirfit Club SPA HR foam mattress. It eliminates the excess heat and cold temperature on your bed.

3. Buy 3-in-1 Sofa-cum-bed for lazy winter afternoons

Coirfit Sofa cum Bed is designed with advanced features and comfort for your winter naps. In winters, we look for a corner where you get both sun rays and comfy temperature. But it is not possible to carry your bed or rotate your bed as per the rays.

You can easily adjust the sofa with your mood and snug in your blanket to have a sound sleep. It is designed with premium quality fabric which eliminates excess heat and cold and gives a neutral temperature. The Active bond foam provides proper air-circulation. It is a blend of soft and hard material that helps you to relax after work.

sofa cum bed

4. Mattress Protector with Premium Quality fabric

With more than 200 GSM Fabric and made from 100% Pure cotton, Coirfit Mattress Protector is designed to give you perfect comfort and warmth during your sleep. It protects your mattress from dirt and spills so you don’t sleep cold at night. it does not change the comfort of the mattress. But it adds an extra layer of protection. The mattress protector balances the cold temperature by adding an extra layer.

It is said that in winters you should have a thick layer of bedsheet or any cover so that you feel a little warm even from the below.

Mattress Protector

5. i-LATEX Mattress

During winters, we get lazy and tired after afternoons and want to sniff inside our quilted blanket and just rest. Winter 2021 is not normal like every other year due to the rise of COVID-19 cases. We need maximum hygiene and a microbe free mattress to have a healthy sleep environment. Hence, Coirfit has come up with Herb Fresh Technology and a natural layer to keep mattress dust free and safe.

With natural latex you get a bundle of good sleep features:

  • Perfect support to spine and back
  • Automatic air-circulation which regulates the temperature of the mattress and keeps it neutral.
  • Takes shape of the body contour

Latex Mattress

Once we find our comfortable position in bed during sleep, we love the cozy feeling. We can even enjoy cold winter nights and make the winter season relaxing, there is no fun that shivering early morning once your leave your bed to begin your long hectic day.

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