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All about Orthopedic mattresses

Think you know everything about orthopedic mattresses? Well, we have some points that you might have missed out on. Read now to know.

With the growth in technology, the workplace is becoming tech-savvy and you have to spend your major working hours in front of the system which leads to serious back and spinal related issues. While the problem is prevalent among the older generation, young people have started to face similar issues and are finding it difficult to enjoy the sound and peaceful sleep.

The concept of Orthopedic mattresses dates back to the 1950s which started as an experiment to find the right mattress for people facing severe back, joint, or spinal pain. They were looking for ways to heal and improve their condition and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

What are Orthopedic mattresses?

Orthopedic Mattress

Orthopedic mattresses are manufactured with an aim to provide support to the body. It takes the shape of body contour by giving overall edge support to shoulders, spine, joints, and pelvic. Coirfit orthopedic mattresses are designed from SRTx technology and are manufactured after the recommendation of the doctors. A well-designed Orthopedic Mattress will preferably certify that your back gets support from mattress edges. It helps in releasing pressure points. The advanced coir and foam technology allow you to sleep in your desired posture. It eliminates discomfort and back pain that you might be facing.

All about orthopedic mattresses

Buying a mattress is an investment. We know that you might find it a difficult task to choose the correct mattress, without any guidance and knowledge of its material and benefits. You might now be sure which orthopedic mattress will match your desired relief. So, here we have a list of all the orthopedic mattresses FAQ’s that you might have:

1. Which are the best orthopedic mattresses for a person who has an issue in the spinal cord?

For those who have serious issues in the spinal cord and are having disturbed sleep and lethargic days wherein you struggle to sit peacefully and work with concentration, then Coirfit Health + Orthopaedic Coir Mattress is made for you. It is crafted from Spinal Relaxation Technology with 11 years of warranty. As per the doctor’s recommendation, it helps your muscles to relax all night and releases pressure. It is aptly firm and dense and has optimal bounciness to adjust to body weight.

2. What may be the reason for my back pain when I sleep on a soft mattress?

Low-quality mattresses sag when you sleep and disturb the sleep posture. Soft mattresses might lead to the body sinking onto the mattress. This will also disturb the body alignment and will face serious shoulder and back pain. It is advisable to go for a mattress that has optimal support or is firm enough to hold your body and gives support from all the edges.

3. Which are good and best natural orthopaedic mattresses for the back and bones?

Orthopedic mattresses

Aloe Vera is known to be the best natural ingredient for all body tissues and nourishes body pain. Coirfit Aloe vera Spa natural orthopedic mattress has natural healing properties that keep your spine in a neutral position. It offers pressure point relief. It is loaded with hypoallergenic properties that keep the mattress antibacterial and antifungal.

4. Which orthopaedic mattress is the best for spondylosis?

Before you buy an orthopaedic mattress always read the technology through which it is manufactured. Most importantly, it should have motion isolation properties. People having spondylosis issues have serious pain if there is a jerk on the neck when they sleep or when the mattress sags. For those with spondylosis, go for Health Boom Coirfit mattress that has 5 -layer support and an optimal support surface to sleep on.

5. What are the advantages of orthopaedic mattresses?

Orthopedic mattresses

While exercise and yoga has turned out to be a good source of pain relief and helps to remain active and fresh, it is important that you sleep on a good mattress which does not sag and allows the required level of firmness and bouncy texture. An orthopaedic mattress offers:

  • Complete support to the body
    • Made from premium quality fabric that is hypoallergenic
    • Offers stress release to the muscles
    • Open-layer in the mattress allows temperature regulation
    • It gives pressure point relief

6. Which is the best mattress around 5000 INR?

If you are low in budget and looking for a budget-friendly mattress that gives optimal back-support and premium comfort, then Coirfit Recharge + Coir Mattress is made for you. With no sag technology and Rubberised Coir, the mattress remains firm and dense and your spin will get the correct alignment.

7. What difference does the orthopedic foam mattress make from other mattresses?

Orthopaedic Mattress

Orthopaedic mattressesare especially designed to get rid of back issues. For those having spinal issues, cervical problems, spondylosis, etc. It has added benefit of:

  • Automatic temperature regulation
  • Pressure Point Relief
  • Body Contour Adjustment
  • Motion isolation
  • Ideal firmness and dense support.

8. Do mattresses really make a difference?

Yes, buying a mattress that is made from SRTx technology and is recommended by Doctors brings a considerable amount of change in your sleep quality. Mattresses that have motion isolation feature allows you to sleep peacefully without any disturbance. Additionally, Coirfit mattress does not have off-gassing and is made from Herb-fresh technology that keeps it free from dust-mite and bacteria.

9. Does a Coirfit orthopaedic mattress wear with time?

Coirfit mattresses have upto 15 years of warranty and it does not sag with time. We have 34 years of experience in manufacturing mattresses and have 1 million+ happy customers.

10. Do orthopedic mattresses usually “work”?

Yes, if you go for a good-quality orthopaedic mattress then it would surely show some positive change in your back and spinal issues. We spend more than 1/3rd of our life sleeping and compromising on sleep quality will adversely affect your body.

Buy the best orthopaedic mattress from Coirfit and you would notice some beneficial changes on your body pain and related issues. With years of experience in mattress manufacturing, our team offers the best orthopaedic mattresses.

Don’t let your pain rise turn into a serious health issue. Talk to our sleep experts today, and know which would best suit your body.

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