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Best Hotel Mattresses in India-Secrets Revealed!

Whether you are going for office meetings, family trips or just an escape from the day-to-day routine, we are always on a lookout for a comfortable and cosy place to stay at and, if our pocket permits, we stay at luxurious 5-star hotels to relax and refresh. What makes it more attractive and premium is the quality of the mattress in your room which gives you relief and comfort during your sleep. These luxurious hotels put in, a premium quality mattress so that their customers enjoy their stay and wish to come back again.

If you want the same comfort and healthy sleeping environment in your home, then check out the list of Best Hotel Mattresses in India and order yours today to get a cosy sleeping setting at home.

Hotel mattress india

1. Cocopedic Mattress

Made with natural fibre, they are organic and comfortable. Many 5-star resorts in India use this type of hotel mattress and it gives you a healthy and comfortable sleep. It is chemical and synthetic free and has the right balance which creates a dip free surface for perfect sleep.

These mattresses do not retain moisture and are fit for all seasons as they are hot in winter and cold in summer. The anti-bacterial and anti-dust quality makes it one of the best and provides a healthy and rejuvenating environment as they are medically recommended for sound sleep.

2. Spring Mattress 

The perfect gauge wire in the mattress gives a superior edge support and gives you comfort in all your sleeping positions. The spring construction of these mattresses absorbs motion and allows you to sleep undisturbed and helps in avoiding toss and turn movements of your partner.

Luxurious and good hotels use this to give you 8 hours long sleep and force you to stay there for long. In spring mattresses, pocket spring is still the preferred choice for traditional 5-star hotels. Before buying for home, make sure you-

  • Check the spring and edges
  • Look out for stores and online marketplace that offer free Night Trials
  • Go for anti-bacterial and antimicrobial technology mattress

3. Active Backcare Mattress

These will provide you with the same comfort that you get in a hotel as it has been designed with orthopaedic properties. These mattresses give the right support required by our body while pampering you with the comfort of exclusive quilting. It provides extra pressure on your shoulder and pain and releases all the pain.

4. Active Bond Mattress 

The luxurious fabric and high-quality foam with advanced sleeping technology helps you to sleep in your comfortable posture throughout. These hotel mattresses allow fast air circulation and ventilation, thus keeping the body cool and pain-free.

Hotel Mattress

Criteria for Buying A Hotel Mattress

Depending upon the area and location of the hotels, the demand and need of varies; like:

  • For senior citizens, it is required to have back care and organic mattress
  • Children look for spring mattress where they can enjoy playing and jumping on the mattress.
  • Bed size plays an important role when buying a mattress.
  • If it is a wellness-inspired hotel, opt for natural mattresses like a latex mattress.

Customer requirements and the budget have a pivotal role when deciding the mattress for hotels.

Where to find one of the Best Hotel Mattress of India?

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