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Experience Coirfit’s Black Collection (i-ORTHO & i-HYBRID)

A Radical Makeover For Better Sleep.

Coirfit mattress has unveiled revolutionary innovations for back pain treatment with an intelligent collection of aspiring mattresses. The brand has always used strategies that help in better sleep and has induced advanced implements to cure spine pain.

Coirfit has lent a hand to millions of people affected by spine pain. Our success story of 31 Years has helped in gaining confidence to guide the pursuers for better sleep. The valuable feedback of every single buyer has always been crucial learning for us, with due regard to implementing reforms of modern technology and the development of research altogether. As a result, Coirfit had continued with it’s winning tactics to become a successful innovator in the mattress industry.

Coirfit i-Ortho Black Collection



Sustain better sleep and wake up with rejuvenated skin, proffered by ionized UV Proof gold particles. Coirfit Ortho Nirvana brings together all our revolutionary technologies into 1 great mattress. This orthopedic mattress is designed with half foam-half spring configuration, apposite for back pain treatment. The mattress presents the latest breakthrough in the sleep technology-Nano Pocket Springs. It is India’s 1st 5 Zone Orthopedic Mattress with adaptive advantages of Nano Spring, Memory Foam and Talalay Latex. Aqua pocket spring system works in harmony with your body that restricts the spine pain to ensure that you are sleeping in the correct anatomical position. Relish the science of deep sleep with expertly designed comfort, support and performance of Coirfit Ortho Nirvana.



Presenting the Goldilocks mattress in the sleep industry – Coirfit Ortho Koil mattress. Experience a deep, relaxing rest on our smart, healing Gold infused fabric and individually wrapped Aqua Pocket Springs. Aqua Pockets works to heal spine pain in harmony with our body to ensure that you prolong better sleep in the correct anatomical position. It is crafted using the latest evolution of HR foam featuring Cool Gel Transition HR foam for temperature regulation and Pneumatic HR foam for 5 Zone deep contouring support.

Quilted GoldX fabric combined with Gold infused open-cell structure fiber lets you stay cool and rejuvenates your skin every morning. CF Clima Felt, Sheepskin feel the fabric and non-skid base add to the box top construction of this orthopedic mattress. With 11 years warranty and relax comfort, it’s time to enjoy revolutionary technology with your smart mattress.



Resolves the defects of huge pressure points, Ortho Carbon naturally supports the body and distributes the pressure evenly and effectively. It is crafted using the planet’s most unique material which was used by NASA to alleviate the great pressure on the body. It has been designed to support your back wonderfully, to keep your spine in a natural relaxed condition and to maintain a proper blood cycle for improved sleeping quality. Known as the ‘new guardian of environmental protection’, the mattress combines the versatility of Bamboo charcoal with the comfort of memory foam.

It is further combined with incredibly responsive and real-time temperature regulating Transition HR Foam. With soft sheep’s skin feel fabric, Dynamic Durasense fabric, and non-skid backing, the mattress is proffered elastic support and is the greater healer of one’s health. Drift to your land of dreams with naturally therapeutic SilverX fabric that has anti-stress features and woos away fatigue. Invest in Ortho Carbon Anti-stress mattress and bring out the best in you.

Coirfit i-Hybrid Collection:


I-cool gel

This gel induced memory foam mattress, i-Cool Gel mattress has properties of memory foam as well as spring, thus eradicating their flaws. Adding to all the advantages of this hybrid mattress are the revolutionary 7 firmness zones. Each zone conforms individually to the different parts of your body. I-COOL GEL is an advanced sleep surface that’s sensitive to body heat. The temperature sense memory foam adapts to the natural shape of the body while the cooling crystals keep your mattress cool throughout the night. This enables you to dream all night long without any disturbance.



From the lap of nature directly to your humble abode, i-Latex mattress lets you indulge in healthy, organic goodness with a 100% natural layer of Indonesian pin core latex. It features a newly developed 5-zone core made from precision contoured HR Foam. Crafted with no motion absorption technology, the mattress limits the movement to its origin which in turn lets you sleep undisturbed even when your partner moves at night. The bamboo fabric cover makes this mattress anti-bacterial, sweat absorbent and maintains a suitable temperature for your mattress. Along with the pillow-top cover, this hybrid mattress will impart the perfect plush feeling to your body.



A unique combination where 7 Zone foam marries luxurious comfort, i-Sense 7 mattress is developed using an intelligent science that works on the pressure points of the body and relieves body stress. Bringing the revolutionary concept of Precision contoured Pneumatic HR Foam for the first time in India, the mattress is a fully packed sleeping system on its own. It provides optimal comfort and support – whether you sleep on your front, back or side. I-SENSE7 features different firmness levels on one single side of the mattress. The 7 zones ergonomic design provides optimal body alignment and individual support in every sleeping position. This hybrid mattress has six air ducts on each side which help in maintaining the temperature required by the sleeper’s body.

Whether you relish cozy, comfortable, sleep or snoozey dreams, it will all come true with Coirfit’s Black Collection. This range of mattresses is designed to support better sleep in the true sense of back pain treatment. Cut-off the chances of spine surgery which is not essential if you have picked an option from Coirfit Black Collection.

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