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Can’t Sleep? Try These Proven Tricks to Soothe Your Mind

Anxiety, stress, work-pressure, etc. are few of the many issues that are common among people of all generations. It leads to disturbed sleep and mind. Your brain is continuously undergoing a thought process of an event that was not favourable for you. Many times it is about the things that are going to happen in future for which you are not prepared.

Timely submission of office projects, paying of home/car loan EMI, relationship issues cause disturbance. Many people face anxiety issues without even being aware of it. Anxiety and stress hamper the sleep cycle. Due to which, it takes hours to go to sleep at night. People spend hours tossing & turning on their bed. But, they still can’t find peace. With time, this issue is rising.

While we don’t know the exact cause of your anxiety, we have few helpful remedies that can help you sleep peacefully at night-

1. Drink Chamomile Tea before bed

It is widely known that Chamomile is a mixture of tea and essential oil. It has an aromatherapy which is used by people for calm and sound sleep. Chamomile is known as a sleep-inducer and helps in treating insomnia. Just dip the tea bag in hot water and sip it before bed. In a few days, you will start noticing a change.

 Chamomile Tea

2. Stay Away from the Blue Screen

Today, the majority of us sleep after scrolling our phones for hours. We don’t realise but we scroll on social media without any purpose. And, surprisingly even after 2-3 hours in bed, you don’t feel sleepy. It is because of the blue screen that stops you from sleeping. Hence it is advisable to not keep your phone besides you. This should be followed especially during night to avoid and eliminate disturbance.

Blue screen

3. Try meditation

It is important to spend time with yourself and talk to yourself. Meditation helps to focus and relax. With meditation, you get to know your innermost feelings and things that are disturbing you.

Sit for 30-minutes before going to bed. Try to relax and eliminate the unnecessary thoughts that are coming to your mind. Fight with it and try to bring in good things and events that happened during the day. This will help you to sleep happy and serenely.


4. Write Down About the Turmoil Inside Your Brain

Writing down things that are running in your mind and causing unnecessary traffic is always helpful. You might be worried about tomorrow’s work. Or what if you forget or miss out on important things? Or, you don’t finish your work on time?

For this, work out your next-day task schedule before you plan to sleep. Write down all the things that are disturbing you. Then, note down your strategy to tackle the same with an alternative, if your original plan fails. Being satisfied is very important. It is only you who can solve your problem by fighting the blues before a calm and quiet good night sleep.

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5. Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow

Many times you are not able to sleep on your desired posture. Or, you might not be getting the right support from your mattress for sleep. This is because you are sleeping on a poor quality mattress that sags eventually. You might even be shifting on your bed to search for comfort.

At Coirfit, our team works on manufacturing the most suitable mattress so that its customers don’t have a disturbed sleep. Coirfit Health Spa Air Rebonded Foam Mattress helps to relax the muscle stress and reduces restless and painful nights.

Partner movement or overheating of the mattress disturbs your sleep and you wake up irritated. Wit Coirfit, we can assure:

  • Zero-partner disturbance
  • 3D air flow technology that regulates the temperature automatically
  • Dual comfort
  • Optimum support to your body

We know that investing on a good mattress requires money. But you can’t afford to buy a wrong one. So, buy a mattress that has two different comfort zones with one side soft and one side firm so that you can interchange as per your need.

Comfortable Mattress

So, these are some quick remedies to solve your sleep issues and calm down your mind. For those who are tired all the time or have serious sleep disturbances that are affecting day-to-day functioning, you should visit a doctor and discuss the issue. Why extend the issue, if it can be resolved at an early stage?

Take to our sleep expert, to know the correct mattress for your sleep issues: +91- 9536313111

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