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5 Recommended Sleep Tips for Healthy Lifestyle – Try Now

Getting a good night’s sleep is important. However, our day to day activities doesn’t allow us to achieve the same. Here are some common issues and sleep tips from our end that will help you enjoy your night sleep without worries.

Peaceful and undisturbed sleep gives us extra energy and zeal to fight the next day challenge and to more productive and active all day long.

Ten years ago, an issue that was rare has now become a prevalent issue especially, among teens. Teens find it difficult to enjoy a peaceful sleep. People-based in metropolitan cities face tremendous pressure due to the cut-throat competition in their field. They have to work harder to stand against the odds. However, this is not the sole reason for having a disturbed sleep routine. Here are a few of the major causes that lead to disrupted sleep. But don’t worry, we have also

Recommended Sleep tips for Healthy Lifestyle:

Sleep Tips


With the advancement of technology and the coming of different social media platforms, we are engrossed in skipping our sleep hours. Self-luminous gadgets suppress natural hormones named melatonin. It is made by the pineal gland that induces sleep in people. Hence, it is advisable to stay away from gadgets when you go to bed. Try to reduce the hours you spend on the phone/tab/computer etc. to get a peaceful sleep and avoid the issue of sleeplessness.

Late Night Eating

Oily and late-night eating may cause digestion issues and sleep disturbance. Additionally, when you skip meals during the work hours you tend to overeat at night which should be avoided. Track your food, eat healthy at night and before 8 pm.

Moreover, avoid smoking and consuming caffeine products. It acts as a stimulant and further discourages you to sleep.


Not only you work at the office but you also bring home a big set of files and work to complete before the scheduled time. The trend of staying up late and studying is now on the rise and accepted by the parents. But it is advisable to sleep between 10 PM-11 PM. Start your day fresh and active. Working late night and cutting sleep hours may cause serious health issues. It will also lower your productivity in the workplace.

Obesity and heart diseases are common issues you might have to face if you avoid a proper sleep cycle. Further, skin and other small health-related issues may also arise.


We, Indians tend to drink before the meal which may either lead to overeating late night or not eating at all. Especially, if you drank an empty stomach and end up vomiting, getting a good night’s sleep is difficult. Avoid drinking late night or drinking every day and if you chose to drink then you can drink after your meal. In this case, you will end up drinking less.

Bad quality mattress

Please note that buying a mattress is an investment. You need to read and research well before you buy a new mattress. It should suit your body type and provide a healthy sleep environment. Buying a cheap mattress or without checking the quality may give you a backache. It will lead to disturbed sleep and you may have to fight back pain all day.

Latex Mattress, Memory Foam Mattress, or an Orthopaedic Mattress are few of the many types of mattresses that have the best quality foam which gives a motion-free and good night sleep.

Choose wisely and work on your bad habits. In today’s world, all you need is a good and peaceful sleep to fight with the challenges coming in every day. After all, as the saying goes, ‘Health is wealth’. For good health, invest in your sleep.

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