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Home Decor Tips for Durga Puja & Navratri

Arrival of Durga Puja means kick starting the festive season. This is the time when you are full of ideas for shopping, decor, furniture and much more. However, this year won’t be the same for everyone. 2021 pandemic has changed a lot of things. While few of them lost their loved one’s, some faced the challenge of self-isolation along with the burden of work.

As things are still not back to normal, Durga Puja has to be celebrated with a lot of precaution and care. With celebrations comes along the idea of changing your home interior and decorating your home to make it look lively and lit. Here we have some easy and simple décor ideas for Durga Puja:

1. Recycle The Waste

As far as possible, avoid going out to a public place for festive shopping. The pandemic is still here and you have to take maximum precautions to avoid getting infected from the virus. Even with such reservations, you can brighten up your home:

  • Use your old dupatta to make a canopy or tassel to decorate.
  • Use old water bottles, colour them as per your choice and hang it around.
  • Use waste papers and make paper lamps and let the festive season begin.

Color theme

2. Rejuvenate Your Home with Indoor Plants

With so much stress and anxiety post-corona, it is advisable to keep your surroundings lively and fresh. Look for plants that are aromatic and give good vibes at home. Opt for plants like Jasmine, Orchid, Lavender, etc.

While these plants bring in good vibes and aroma, plants like money plant, creeper, bamboo will help you to easily decorate your home and make it lively and fresh. Indoor plants are not just for festive décor but can also be used all year long in your living room or bedroom.

Indoor Plants

3. Change The Furniture

Festivals are a good time to make small changes in your furniture setting or replacing it with a new one. Festival means having friends and family around who would want to meet at one place to talk, eat and just be free. While you surely don’t want to mess up your bedroom, shuffle up your living room and make it spacious so that everyone can adjust.

While a sofa alone can’t suffice, Coirfit Sofa-cum-bed is one of the best budget friendly festive furniture you can go for. Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get sufficient space to lay down and chill with your friends and family. Make it a sofa during day time and open it up to sleep after a big-fat-dinner.
  • Easy to wash as it comes with a zip cover which is easy to room and get it clean.
  • Made from Herb-fresh technology to avoid growth of fungus and bacteria and keeps you safe from respiratory issues.

Sofa Cum bed

4. Use Diya and Make It Shine

Diyas have always been the priority over any other lightning items during festivals. Clay Diya has always been an item of good luck and positive vibes.

Decorate your home both in & out from clay diyas and enjoy the scene. With these, you won’t just make your home look good but will also help those poor potters who have had a hard time during pandemic.


5. Decorate Your Entrance for Durga Puja

Looking at festive decor right when you enter someone’s house definitely gives you some good festive vibes. Hence, this is where all your focus should lie if you are the one who looks forward for appreciation.

To decorate your entrance, you can try these following décor items:

  • Use basic flowers that would sync with your wall and door colours.
  • Use old water bottles and fill some light in it.
  • Make use of old bangles and make a wall hanging out of it.

Make this Durga Puja the season of good vibes and positivity. Look for ideas that you have never chosen before and make it special.

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