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How To Sleep During Back Pain?

Back pain is a serious emerging issue of the 21st century. It is especially a nuisance for people above in the age group of 24-40 years. Initially, it was a problem mostly among people who are 60+ years old. The main reason for this is due to long hours at a desk job with minimal physical activity.

Back pain can be both moderate and serious depending upon the problem you are facing. Back pain arises due to one of the following issues-

  • Arthritis: Tenderness or swelling on your joints that causes stiffness and pain on the joint areas making it difficult to walk or sit back and rest.
  • Cervical Pain: Neck and shoulder pain which may run down to your back causing serious pain and difficulty in moving your neck or changing your sleep position.
  • Insomnia: Though it does not have any correlation with your back pain, it may be a root cause of your pain. People with insomnia have difficulty in getting proper 7 hours of sleep. This leads to tossing and turning all night leading to back and body pain during the day.

While these may be some of the reasons for your back pain, there may be many other causes. Back pain can also be because of genetic problems which further leads to sleepless nights and disturbed working hours.

Tips for Better Sleep During Back Pain

Long hours at a desk job cause unbearable back pain. After your hectic day, you just want to lie down and sleep, giving rest to your back and preparing it for the next day. Follow these simple steps to get undisturbed sleep if you are facing serious back pain issue-

1. Loosen Your body and Muscles

Long hours of office and household chores tighten up your muscles and body. You should start taking a 10 minute break after every 2-hours of work. Also, don’t forget to stretch and relax your muscles before bed.

Just lie down straight on your bed. Relax your body and muscles. Try to inhale and exhale slowly. After that, try simple yoga position or muscles relaxing exercise like-

  • Savasana
  • Leg against the wall pose
  • Pelvic tilt stretches
  • Child pose

Try to stretch a little before bed to relax your body and muscles. This will help release pressure points and help you sleep quickly. This is mainly because the body becomes too tired after exercising and just wants to be put at rest.

Relax your body

2. Sleep On A Comfortable Mattress

Very few of us know that having a good and comfortable mattress is vital for rejuvenated mornings and stress-free sleep. We tend to keep adjusting on those sagging and sinking mattresses that are uneven and disrupt our normal sleep pattern.

An uneven mattress means disturbance on your back and may also give rise to serious back and body problems. Go for an orthopaedic mattress that is especially made for shoulder and back pain. Buy Coirfit Orthopaedic mattress that is made as per Doctor recommendation. Such mattresses are highly suitable for people who have Arthritis, Cervical or other sleep issues. Coirfit orthopaedic mattress comes loaded with following benefits-

  • It will relax your muscles and help to release stress on joints and overall body.
  • Zero-Partner disturbance, i.e., mattress comes with a motion isolation feature which helps you to sleep undisturbed on your desired posture without worrying about your partner movements.
  • Will give support from all sides and contours to your body shape.


3. Choose the Correct Pillow

Pillows help to balance your body and maintain a good sleep posture. A good sleep posture is essential to avoid any type of body or shoulder pain or uneasiness. Many of us might face genetic back and joint pain. Sleeping on an uneven mattress and pillow triggers such issues which are usually ignored.

Coirfit Memory Foam Pillow has high-resilient properties which gives support to back and spine and eliminates pressure points. Also, tossing & turning all night might cause a jerk in your neck or spine leaving you with serious pain. Coirfit organic features make it pleasant to sleep on it without any disturbance at night.

Moreover, it is advisable to avoid sleeping on your stomach for those with back pain. If you still cannot avoid it, keep a pillow below your stomach and then sleep.


4. Go for Therapy To Avoid The Pain

Therapy has generally been an easy way to get rid of those early signs of pain. You can also avoid eating medicines and regular doctor visits. Talk to your therapist, let him/her know your cause of concern and issues. With therapy, not just immediate pain is relieved but also long-term effects can be seen. Ask your therapist about the exercises that you can do at home without any help, especially whenever the pain triggers.


5. Find the Root Cause of the Issue

Insomnia is one of the causes of having sleepless nights and severe body and back pain. This is because when you don’t sleep properly at night, you end up getting stressed. This stress reflects on your day routine and then the whole day is messed up. You end up facing serious body pain, lethargy and irritation because the body could not get rest. This further leads to various body pains Some major problems that can cause body pain are:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Over-thing or anxiety

Talk to people and find a solution. A body which is not at rest for at least 7 hours at stretch in a day, will be a body full of medical issues.


While these are simple life hacks that are easy to adapt for an undisturbed sleep, if the problem persists, it is advisable to see a doctor and tell them your issue. However, sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow even if you don’t have back issues.

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