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Top 5 comfortable mattresses in India

Number of people suffering from chronic back and joint pain has increased with time. People complain of arthritis, insomnia, cervical issues etc. at a very age now and this has a major link with disturbed lifestyle and poor sleeping patterns and conditions. With long-hours of desk job accompanied with household chores leaves us with only one thing, i.e., a good sleep hour which is why people look for a comfortable mattress for their bed.

Link between Your Good Health & A Comfortable Mattress

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Chronic Joint and back pain may be because of some old injury or a result of continuous stress of your back area. Sleeping on an uneven surface or a very stiff mattress triggers the pain and cause disturbance in sleep leading to increase in pain.

We spend around 1/3rd of our life in sleeping and it is importable that we choose the most comfortable mattress that would contour to the shape of the body and would provide an overall support from all sides.

A comfortable mattress means your body will be free to sleep in the desired sleep posture helping in giving relief from pressure points. A good sleep means a rejuvenated morning and you become free from issues like weight gain, being lethargic the whole day as the body becomes lazy due to lack of proper sleep, etc.

Top 5 comfortable mattresses in India

Of the many options, explore few of the many most Comfortable Mattress to enjoy the sleep hours and waking up active and fresh:

1. Aloe vera SPA HR Foam Mattress

Aloe Vera Spa HR Foam Mattress

A blend of natural ingredients and rejuvenating properties; Aloe Infused mattress is known for pressure relieving benefits and gives a push to your back. Not only for people with back problems but also boost up the energy level of the body with its natural healing benefits.

Aloe vera has a natural support property, it helps the foam to contour to the shape of the body and takes the shape of your spine and keeps it in the perfect alignment. Additionally, it:

  • Provides all season comfort: Its automatic temperature regulation feature keeps it cold in summers and mild in winters.
  • Hypoallergenic: Keeps your sleep room free from dust mites and bacteria.

2. Ortho AccuPressure Mattress

Coirfit Ortho Accuzone Accupressure Mattress

Its advance feature offers a massaging therapy to the body when it is at rest. It powers the spiritual spine of the body by aligning it with better functioning of the physical spine. The mattress foam cultivates our spiritual spine and thus enables us to use the energy and abilities within each chakra to heal, strengthen and balance ourselves. It gives you the desired sleep with its:

  • Advanced Massage Therapy Fabric: It is a combination of Accutex Massage Fabric, sheepskin feel fabric, Velvety soft Suede and non-skid base giving you a sensational sleep with almost zero to no disturbance.
  • Optimal Spine Support: It gives support from all 4-sides of the mattress and you can change positions as and when needed without worrying of jerks and pressure.

Coirfit AccuPressure Mattress would be the best option for your bedroom for not just reducing pain but also eliminate the scope of any sleep issue.

3. Coirfit Spine Fine Foam Mattress

Coirfit Spine Fine Foam Mattress

The 4-inch think mattress is made from no-sag technology which keeps the mattress in its original shape for 7+ years. It is made from High density rebonded foam with excellent impact absorbing qualities and best body contour support, i.e., it will take its original shape when you will wake up in the morning and would adjust as per your body shape during sleep.

A perfect blend of optimal firmness and bounciness, it keeps you cosy with your partner as both would get their desired support. Our Spine fine collection offers dual-comfort feature with one side soft and one side hard making it easy to sleep as per need.

5. Latex Mattress

i-Latex Mattress With Bamboo Cover

Made from the sap of rubber tree, it offers organic benefit with natural and healthy support to the body. I-latex mattress with bamboo cover is covered with premium fabric which has sweat absorbent and hypoallergenic features and offers a luxurious sleep hour.

It 5 zonal features gives every part of the body the required support and comfort it needs during sleep and keeps the body free from back and joint pain.

6. Recharge+ Coir Mattress

Coirfit Recharge Coir Mattress

While many of our look for a comfortable mattress, they come with a budget limit with added sleep comfort. Coirfit Recharge+ mattress will be best for those who want a basic traditional sleep mattress with:

  • Zero-off gassing feature
  • No issue of sagging and sinking
  • Optimal Stiffness and
  • Motion Isolation feature.

What Makes Coirfit the Most Comfortable Mattress

Sleeping on an uneven mattress leading to increase in body issues. Your joints are thrown out of the ligament making you feel uncomfortable during sleep. With Coirfit, say goodbye to those sleep struggles and enjoy their following comfort:

1. Orthopaedic Comfort:

Mostly all the mattress at Coirfit is made from the recommendation of doctors who suggest about the foam type and different level of firmness to deal with problems like cervical, cold shoulder, etc. The team makes sure that the crafting and knitting of the mattress suits all body type and you are free to sleep in your desired posture without worrying about neck and shoulder tension.

2. Motion Isolation feature:

Toss & Turn of your partner all night makes it difficult to sleep peaceful. Moreover, a sudden jerk on your neck or back causes difficulty in movement and sometimes a week-long pain. Coirfit Zero-Disturbance Mattress allows you to sleep peacefully without any disturbance at night.

3. Premium Quality Fabric:

Chemical infused or cheap quality fabric cause sweating during the night and you wake up being wet. Moreover, a good quality foam and fabric combination make the most comfortable mattress as it eliminates the growth of respiratory issues like cough and cold and also keeps the sleep environment healthy.

Order today the most comfortable sleep mattress from Coirfit Today and Say Good-Bye to all sleep disturbance.

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