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Virtual Reality: Travel To Your Favorite Places During Lockdown

Virtual Reality surely takes you places. Read this article to know more.

With the current increase in Coronavirus spread, it is difficult to find a way to start living a normal life. A life where visiting public places, going for a tour, normal office routine, etc. was normal. Currently, It is advisable that people follow social distancing and stay at home.

However, for those who are travel enthusiasts or like to go for the frequent outing are surely having a tough time. Lockdown may be relaxed. But at least for 6 months, it is advisable to avoid international trips or any other tour. But is it possible for those travel freaks or wildlife explorers to sit back? We guess, NO.

Hence, we are here to show you the worth of Virtual reality. So, you may find yourself there and learn about new and unexplored places:

Let’s Begin The Virtual Reality Ride-

1. America’s National Parks

For those who are nature and animals, lovers can now buy Disney+ Hotstar. It lets you experience the natural wonders and wildlife of America. You can watch everything from Olympic National Park to the Grand Canyon National Park. Also, you will love how they captured and explained even the small things.

America’s National Parks

2. Explore the Royals: Jaipur, Rajasthan

For those who like to stay connected to their roots believe Rajasthan is the perfect travel spot. The majority of them want to go to Rajasthan and enjoy the Royal Palace, Lakes and experience the heritage of India. With this video, you can enjoy the 6-episode guide of Vagabrothers. It showcases their visit to Rajasthan and you can find yourself roaming with them.

3. Eiffel Tower Paris

Are you lucky to have your partner with you during lockdown? Then, you will surely enjoy the mesmerizing view and warmth near the Eiffel Tower. You can feel the love in the air with a virtual reality tour video of Wanderlust Travel given here-

4. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Enjoy the biggest single structure of living organisms, scuba diving, life underwater, and many more. It was once named as a World Heritage Site while CNN labeled the Reef as one of the Seven Wonders.

5. Great Walls of China

Do you love history and want to explore the rich cultural heritage of the world? Then, you can make your lockdown informative and enjoy the historic beauty of the world through this video-

Advancement in technology has made our life easy and has given us an altogether different perspective on life. Additionally, it is upon us as to how we make this Lockdown more engaging and fun. Boredom may cause different health issues. But you can avoid it by choosing from different window options using virtual reality.

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