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Why are hotel mattresses so comfortable?

The best part of travelling outstation for trip or for business meeting are those comfortable hotel mattresses that gives a relaxing and stress-releasing sleep. Hotel beds are design in such a way that all your travel tiredness is gone after a long-hour of sleep and you don’t feel like leaving that cosy and bouncy mattress.

Along with first-class amenities and services, these hotels offer soft and luxurious mattress that are built in a way to suit all types of body. After travelling, our body requires extra support and push to fight that bodily pain after long-hour of travel and physical work. A bouncy touch with soft fabric on the top soothes the brain and body and you sleep just undisturbed till the morning. Have you ever thought about why these hotel mattresses are so comfortable? Find below the factors that make hotel mattress comfortable:

Finely Crafted and Constructed

Comfortable Mattress in India

Sleep experts know exactly what shape and size and density will make a perfect sleep mattress. Although the hotel mattress has a short-term comfort, its support system compliments the softness.

  • Excellent Support System: people of varied size and weight go to the same hotel and experience the same comfort, which is not the case with other matters. In hotel, most spring mattress are kept which are either bonnell coil or pocket coil. The advanced spring are so constructed that it can canter the need of all-typed of body and you are free to sleep at you desired posture with premium comfort.
  • Multiple Foam Layer: PU Foam, Memory foam or HR Foam are the most common and most preferred foam type. These hotel mattresses have 5 to 7-layer of foam construction with dual comfort. The high-density variant of foam contours to the shape of the body and assures that your body gets the maximum support and comfort after hours of travel and work.
  • Soft and Comfortable mattress: Not everyone wants a firm mattress and therefore to cater to the need of all the guest, hotel mattresses are made of optimal density and neutral temperature keeping the mattress cosy and comfortable throughout the year. Like Orthopaedic Mattress, they offer support to all parts of the body giving a plush sleeping experience and you wake up rejuvenated for the next day.

7-zonal layer with premium fabric gives the spinal a perfect sleep alignment. It provides pressure point relief too all body-parts making it sure that your hotel stay is relaxing and soothing.

Made From Advanced Foam and Durable Spring

Best Hotel Mattress in India

Buying a mattress is an investment for all, especially for hotels who need a rough and tough mattress and something that can survive all-seasons and all-body-types.

  • HR Foam or the Memory Foam: these two are the most common option that is chosen as it contours to the shape of the body and gives a perfect posture to your body. It enhances the support from the edges and easily adapts to all types of body.

These hotel mattresses are made at home with natural items which sometimes includes Latex or Aloe Vera which means that there is neither any issue of off-gassing nor have issue of growing of bug around the bed.

  • Voluminous Inner Spring: It is not important that there should a multiple layer of innerspring, it would be sufficient that there is just one but it should be more in volume so that it supports pressure points and offers maximum comfort.

Higher innerspring means zero-partner disturbance, i.e., there is almost no motion transfer and movement of one person during sleep does not disturbs the other person.

  • Fire Resistant: Foam that are of high-density are preferred as a mattress in hotel as it has tiny pores making it a fire-radiant material. Not just the foam but also the linings both inside and outside should be fire resistible to avoid any issues to the guest during the stay.

Quality of foam, spring construction, materials used in making of the mattress, all have a good role in making the mattress a best hotel mattress.

What Makes Coirfit-One of the Best Hotel Mattress Brand?

Best Hotel Mattress Brand in India

Durability is an important factor when buying a hotel mattress. Temperature regulation, sagging and sinking due to pressure, off-gassing problems because of the use of chemicals during the construction process, environment friendly are few of the many things that keep the mattress long lasting. Moreover, the exact thickness that will be suitable for all body types, is what the team at Coirfit works at.

Coirfit Hotel Mattress collection is an amalgamation of perfect comfort to body and offers a blissful sleep environment. Its primary focus in to provide body tension relief features with its high-density foam along with top quality bonnell springs, making it sure that it delivers good balance for your guest’s satisfaction.

Constructed specifically to bring pressure relief and provide overall support to the body from head to toe. Its fine craftsmanship makes sure that every part of the body gets the required support. The guest will eventually sink into that mattress and adjust themselves with a perfect sleep posture and cushion touch. Additionally, it offers:

  • Zero-motion transfer: Movement of your partner won’t disturb your sleep. As the foam contours to the shape of the body, there is minimal motion transfer.
  • Hypoallergenic: There is no issue of off-gassing, mattress is made at home with natural ingredients eliminating the growth of fungus and dust mite.
  •  Automatic Temperature Regulation: Mattress is cold during summers and at a neutral temperature during winters as the 3D cell structures allows the movement of air.

If you had a luxurious sleep experience at your last stay in the hotel, there is a high chance that the mattress was of Coirfit.

Hotel Mattress Comfortable

Coirfit hotel collection and other mattress are almost with the same features. Hotel mattress might not be liked by all in the long-run but you miss its comfort. Coirfit Active Backcare mattress offers same support and comfort to the back and your mornings at home is same as your morning at your favourite hotel.

Find a wide range of backcare mattress collection at Coirfit:

Talk to our sleep expert that would customize the mattress as per your need and sleep issue and then you don’t have to run to hotel just for the sake of a stress-free comfortable sleep.

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