Best Temperature for Sleep
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Best Temperature for Sleep

Sleeping at an optimal temperature and in a comfortable position is vital for both our physical and mental well-being. The quality of sleep you get has a direct impact on your work and family life. Hence, it is important that you don’t compromise even a bit of it.

Your sleep temperature should be perfectly set. It should be neither too hot nor too cold. It is believed by the experts that your body should be between 60-to-67-degree Fahrenheit temperature while you are sleeping to have a sound sleep.

Fluctuating Temperature During The Day

Temperature For Sleep

Throughout the day your body experiences rise and fall in temperature depending on the activity done and the cardiac rhythm. When you are at work, stress and pressure cause high temperatures. When you are at the gym, your body temperature rises and it takes almost an hour for the body to be back to its normal temperature. Your body temperature isn’t just about the internal rush but also about many other external factors; like set-up and positioning of the room, work-life, etc.

Temperature v/s Sleep

A very high-temperature means you will be facing trouble during sleep time. High temperature means a hot and humid sleep environment. This disturbs your sleep and you toss and turn the whole night to find that right comfort. Your body is at its lowest temperature when you sleep. The temperature rises once you wake up. Any change in the scenario causes uneasy sleep patterns and dizziness all day long.

Maintain The Best Temperature For Sleep

While many a time, the body cools down automatically. But at times too much stress and overthinking does not allow your body to easily come down to its best sleep temperature. Here is when you have to make sure to have the perfect sleep environment wherein the body gets a trigger for a comfortable and cool sleep:

  • Wear Bare minimum: It is also advisable to wear the least or wear something light, i.e., a cotton night dress or just a long top or t-shirt. This may cool down the body unlike wearing tight and thick clothes which would overheat the body and cause sweat and irritation at night. Due to this, you will wake up irritated.
  • Switch to a cooler mattress: Your bed and mattress play a vital role in regulating the sleep temperature. A cheap foam mattress causes your body to sweat at night and you keep on tossing and turning all night. Coirfit I-Cool Gel Mattress is designed to give you a cool and comfortable sleep experience so that you wake up active and fresh for a long-hectic next day.

Summer Mattress

The gel is induced inside the memory foam which keeps the mattress cool. The advanced cell-structure of the memory foam allows automatic temperature regulation. It keeps the mattress fresh and free from moisture. As the gel is natural, your bed is free from toxic substances and issues of off-gassing.

  • Regulate the outside temperature: Depending upon the weather, try to keep your sleep environment cool and fresh. Switch on the AC if it’s too hot or just switch on the fan which would allow air circulation and you can regulate the speed.

Balancing the winter and summer sleep temperature is important. Your body needs to cool down during sleep to avoid disturbance during sleep. A disturbed or elevated body temperature may be due to illness, hormonal imbalance and or due to many more reasons. If on top of all this you sleep hot, you are going to face a tough time during the day.

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